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Stop Engaging With Your Narcissistic Ex Spouse! Start Engaging With Your Children!

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  1. My ex had 3 daughters wish i love so much.. Smallest one is 5 i had her since she was 1 1/2 . and accorse i lov my girl. But i try to get her to let me spend time with them. And she just stubborn. Been a year. And i feel like im loosing them cuz im not there bio father. How can i approach this issue

  2. So true, I avoid the lies and drama and then I get accused of not co-parenting, and then she calls me a narcissist, I just want peace and very minimal contact with the ex , too much vengeful drama, it's so destructive to my children

  3. Thank you! It's been years of not understanding the viscous cycle and I'm now finally understanding to not engage and why. They are sick.

  4. I was just in the middle of typing an email to my child's mother, i stop delet it and now I'm randomly watching this video out of nowhere. thank you for the grate advice I will apply this to my life from now on and thank you to the universe for guiding me to what was needed as im sitting worrying about my son. thank you thank you thank you thank you.

  5. Ex spouses toxic it is beyond baby mama whatever they call it. The ex wife is a bully abuse talk bad things to me and my husband and we don't do anything to her nothing. She's not nice at all even if I'm nice to her. She's not helpless she's a bitch.
    There's so much CHRIST she abuses the kids when she sees them and abuses us SHE ONLY HAS VISITATIONS WEDNESDAYS and some weekends
    She's married she had kids from her new husband but still causes us drama. You have no idea!!!!!!'
    She's jealous I dono why'!!!!

  6. I responded today he acted so kind then boom he tried to hurt me. He is ridiculous & is obviously depressed he tries to hide it.
    He feels helpless & keeps emailing me or calling me. Possibly stalking me.

  7. Your right my spouse has moved out we are still married he says. He is a covert narcissist I know. He calls and gets me to engage by threatening me. He baits me always. He loves drama!

  8. I'm trying to find ANYTHING custody/court related. Do you have any suggestions? He's making completely false allegations against me, posting public bs slandering me making me look like a bad parent when he's the one that's harassing me behind closed doors.

    And everyone believes him. He has everyone fooled.

    Yet I have screenshots, audio recordings, pictures, everything and somehow he still has me viewed as a liar, had parent, a danger. etc…

  9. You have to respond to their emails, texts and phone calls sometimes if you have children with them because sometimes you have to talk about important things having to do with your children. It sucks because you don't want to pick up the phone because you dread the possibility of them calling to tell you what a horrible person you are, but you have to in case it's urgent.

  10. Please help ! my husband to bes ex wife is going to kill him . she just keeps trying to suck him dry in every way! he is an amazing father and she is killing him!

  11. Wow! This is advice I needed yesterday! Very accurate.

    Like some other commenters, I have to add that this feels like the custodial parents perspective (usually women).

    What's your recommendation to those non-custodial parents who are trying to engage in a relationship with their child but the other parent is preventing that or making it extremely difficult?

  12. When it seems like my ex husband & his wife are having difficulties in their marriage my ex starts turning to me to get back together/hook up. Is this a common pattern for narcissist? His wife is a narcissist too. When there's drama she is usually behind it.

  13. How do you anything about parental alienation? I've taken all your advice and its B.S.
    People listen to me this women doesn't know what she is talking about!
    Only time will tell the truth!!!

  14. so hard to re-engage with a child who you havent managed to speak to for 3 years because he has been told repeated lies of abandonment and lack of interest. When in fact he has been forceably isolated and lied to.

  15. Vicious cycle! My mom always gets baited by her ex husband because he gives her financial help but in the long run it's never worth it because of all the drama

  16. So very true. The narcissist is like a pro (evil) deep sea sport fisherman….. They go great distances for a good fight. They know just how to bait you. They know just when they've got the hook in your lip. And they enjoy every second of a good, long, drawn out fight. The thrill of this this is better than anything else life has to offer them. The harder the struggle, the more high they get. But the part I havnt figured out yet, is how to avoid the bait when they use your own children on the end of the hook. It's hard to turn away. It's the narcissist's bait of choice because its so damn effective .

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