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The best Chromebook you can buy (updated) – This Is My Next

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  1. The Toshiba CB2 is DISCONTINUED by Toshiba. Our experience with two of these chromebooks over the past 13 months HAS NOT been good. Both screens failed and the internal power-circuit on our CB2 also failed !!! THREE WARRANTY REPAIRS ON TWO LAPTOPS !!! The CB2 screen is really flimsy and it's possible that's why the screens failed.

    I suggest you look for a 14" IPS FullHD chromebook that will run android apps; the new all-aluminum Acer Chromebook 14 (Unfortunately, with an Atom N3160 cpu, but on the flipside, with 11h battery life), is a good candidate, and people like the all-aluminum build (like a macbook air without the horsepower.) The CPU is only about half the speed of the Toshiba CB2. STAY AWAY FROM THE TEGRA Acer Chromebook 13, it is no relation to the Chromebook 14 and people do not rate that much older device nearly as highly as the Chromebook 14.

  2. I disagree, wholeheartedly! Hopefully, the result of this video was due to such a late entry in 2015 by the real winner last year. In my opinion, the Asus Chromebook Flip is the best Chromebook of 2015 (and in general) by far. Super light(which of course becomes much more important with its transformative form factor), incredible build quality for the price, best looking (IPS)and most color-accurate display of the Chromebooks last year. Fortunately, even if there isn't a sequel, Chrome OS doesn't diminish with time as much as Mac and Windows laptops. In my experience, it's actually really just gotten better with time. I switched to the beta channel the moment I heard Android would be coming to Chromebooks and have been enjoying the Playstore and tablet apps ever since. With a little creativity, I don't plan on ever buying a windows or mac laptop again. I routinely drive my Mac desktop using the desktop remote client from work and at home. If Asus reduces that bezel to maximize the display and updates the processor, while retaining the aluminum and chamfered finish in a second iteration, I think they've got a near perfect Chromebook. If not, Oh well, I'll just be hanging on to this one for the next little bit.

  3. i've got that one too! only if you open and close it alot of times (it does not Break or smtn) but then some of the side get damaged but its nothing annoying

  4. Watching this on my Asus chromebook c201, gotta say, its pretty good for its size, 4gb ram, quad-core(not intel), a wopping 13 hrs of life and a decent display, and most of all, its only under 200$, go buy it 😛

  5. Can someone please tell me what the chromebook at :21 secs is?
    Looking for a speedy answer, my toshiba chromebook 2 just broke before college starts and not looking to get the same one

  6. It's sad, that he left out the Acer Chromebook 15 completly. It's the fastest one of all (with the i3 version), has the best speakers i've ever heard (with a little bass) and a is holding up to 9 hours (more like 7-8) despite its big full hd 15" screen. You can even have linux via crouton or even windows (where do you get all of the above for that price? right – nowhere (i mean espacially on this because it makes a bit more sense with an i3 processor, of course you could have it on every chromebook… but there it's less usefull (espacially windows)) the screen however is just quite nice (because of it being full-hd, giving no eye-strain) but not as awesome (in colours) as the Toshiba Chromebook 2.

    Plus the design of the Acer R11 is the best imho! I highly disagree when he said chrome isn't optimized for touch, that is definetly wrong..See, the only difference to windows 8 are the tiles to open an app. But if you're in an app (well the browser) everything is very usefull espacially scrolling down, it's just good for your hands to change every once in a while and it works well with a small lightweight and flexible device like this R11 fellow. Unfortunatly tough the screen is not so good… mine is red-ish and the resolution ain't good either, looks a bit like a television to me. If it did have a good screen tough it would be by far the best chromebook (imo) but unfortunately the screen is a really bad thing to mess up :/.

    The one thing that bugs me the most on the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the hinch. It doesn't go as far back as the Acer Chromebook 15 does… making it very .. stiff… i dunno i just need that flexibility if i have a screen rather small….

    Those are my top 2 Chromebooks for now tough. R11 And Toshiba … you won't believe you handy it is to have a 360 lightweight (!!) notebook with touchscreen, that you can play around with in bed.

    Very helpfull video btw. It fell a bit too short on the other chromebooks tough but it's still a good review 🙂 Muchas Gracias

  7. Your criticism of the Acer c720/c740 was really lame, what does "does not look good!" really mean? Acer c720/c740 is the #1 selling chromebook and it runs the most flavors of Windows and Linux, and its SSD is expandable (unlike the Dell 11), and it has more variants (celeron 2955U, celeron 2955U touch, celeron 3205U, i3-4005U) than any other chromebook. There is no outwards change in the design for almost 3 years! I own a c720 i3, used a Toshiba CB2 (3215U) at work, and have bought 2 x Toshiba CB2 i3 in the past 2 months for my sons. The CB2 is the best model, BUT IS DISCONTINUED BY TOSHIBA; the Acer is the most amazing 11.6" chromebook, serious tooling for a road warrior with an i3 and rugged model both available.

  8. I have a Samsung chromebook 2, but I have the Intel version. It's gorgeous, battery is great, keyboard and trackpad are good. My only complaints are, The screen could be better and It could be a little faster

  9. Ahh… windows … i'm not playing games at the moment but i MIGHT just one time.

    So my question is this: Will a normal Windows Laptop perform equally with a Chromium OS just like a normal Chromebook?
    Because if so, with a little effort you could have a normal Laptop booting up EITHER Chromium or Windows (Chromium by default for fast booting). And due to the better hardware including of course a SSD-Drive you'd have a faster Laptop with a little bit less battery life and if needed (for games/programms) you can boot up Windows too….

    Of course Windows Laptops are usally a bit heavier but in my opinion the build quality has raised alot overall. Even fans (if any included) dont annoy me AT ALL.

    What do you think? That would be a good option no?

  10. What about chromebook Hisense?By the way,what do he mean in the beginning of the video when he mentioned about the battery and the screens?If any of you watching this video,leave a reply!

  11. Watching this on my brand new Toshiba chromebook 2! I gotta say, i was skeptical at first, but after unplugging my laptop at 7am this morning, watching three tv shows on this gorgeous screen, typing up several pages of psychology notes, an hour or so on reddit, another two hours watching a movie, and now half an hour on youtube, my battery is sitting at 50%.
    Yeah Windows laptops can pretty much kiss my ass at this point

    -Although it is a cheap laptop, and I loved it, it broke. These chromebooks aren't as jagged as a windows laptop. Buy a sleeve. Be careful. -Toshiba has terrible customer service. Couldn't talk to a real human, I had to call Google.
    -I got the full HD screen and it cracked in 2 months. Very terrible. No replacement screen available for 6-8 weeks. No fun. At all.
    Also, plastic cover will scratch if not protected.
    -Toshiba doesn't honor warranty for hardware problems, they'll make you pay again. They told me to pay $360 to replace my screen… something I can do myself.
    -Shallow keys, but not terrible.
    Otherwise, they're right. Toshiba did it right, except for the terrible customer service.

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