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The fractured politics of a browning America

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  1. I am an Indian.. Indians are nowhere as liberal as Americans..n I feel we remove the race angle most of American Indian population will shift to conservatism.. (Even Asians for that matter).. just an opinion.. not fact n I don't mean to offend anyone

  2. Maybe the shift to the right is because they don't care about the color of one's skin, more on the content of their character. Their intentions and values are what's important. Your hyper vigilant racist blame game is pushing people to the right. There are very few white nationalists, there are tons of average thinking democrats that you call racist daily and push them away. I'm a concerned and scared democrat, you're quickly chipping away the votes we need.

  3. The development of a more diverse United States makes me so excited and is on the increasingly-short list of things that cause me national pride. I look forward to 2045 and I look forward to the people who will become our America.

  4. Diversity is not our (((strength))) and America is not a “ melting pot “ and it’s never been. When 2/3 of people coming into your country ( Mexico ) are all coming from the same country, that is not “Diversity “ but as long as it’s not, educated , low crime, economically independent white Americans or Europeans it’s “ok”

  5. I think we should keep America majority white for without whites, there'd be no America!! White people ARE America! Why do people deny this? We can easily adapt to a changing racial future but in order to tackle the issues that lay ahead, we must first understand from where we have come!

  6. VOX: Just another far left jew rag celebrating the demise of the white population. Well, hopefully the Zionist pig state called Israel will be removed from the face of the earth by those same brown people the left love so much.

  7. China, Russian and Japan will lead the world in the future but the US should just for at least another 100 or so years. diversity is amazing but it makes a country very hard to govern like where i come from. a diverse country should be fine as long as it stays rich so it is very possible for the US in the future to turn into many countries

  8. I find it curious how in Spain 'Republicans' are the extreme left while in america they are considered the right. Of course it's due to Spain beeing a monarchy wich is more conservative by itself but I just find it funny how it changes depending on the country.

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