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  1. In the light of the incredibly low standard of evidence involved in the Syria gas attack, perhaps Trump should have reconsidered?
    Wasn't Trump just railing against the FBI for using an, "unverified", dossier to obtain a FISA warrant?
    The Doctor at the site speaks good English and tells you what is wrong with those kids!
    American and British Reporters Reach Douma, Syria: Discover There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack!

  2. Does Trump owe and is he paying back the criminal international banksters for his 1990 bail out? His actions in sending 50 missiles, etc. is inconsistent and troubling…
    I can only surmise or conclude that Trump is battling the Deep State/MIC's entrenched power base, and has to play along, or be hurt via information releases (more strippers?, more tapes?) of maybe he knows they will just do a JFK on him if they must…

  3. Catch 22 situation..Do we destroy the brutal Islamist Assad regime or do we destroy the brutal Islamist rebels attempting to over throw the brutal Islamist Assad regime.Either way,you are left wit a brutal Islamist regime.Always remember,ala don't like no infidel Westerners and commands his followers to kill all that do not bow down and worship.There is no compromise-No mercy will be shown…..If civilized peoples don't get a handle on this wave of Islamist migration….The entire world will be on fire…You can take that to the bank.

  4. same thing in THE SO-CALLED chem attack in UK the video never showed in field decon showers clearly shown "CLEAN" side vs "DIRTY side THEY FORGET military veterans such as me have this knowledge it was part of my damage control rate USN and i will report thier LIES

  5. The whole world knows this was a bad lie since the first time chlorine gas was used especially after the Syrian army kept discovering makeshift labs with canisters and beakers full of exactly that chlorine gas in production with shells inside labs ready to be filled with it , those who pushed for this was and armed and financed the most ruthless terrorists from around the world are grasping for straws and using this obvious lie because they have nothing else and seeing they are about to loose and their terrorist scum about to be wiped away from this planet they will shamelessly use anything they can to slow down or stop the demise of hundreds of terror groups running amok in Syria

  6. Dhe khemikal attak haz rallid dhose dhat wišh tu AWST dhe sekular diktator, Baššār al-Asad frʌm pawer yn 5yria.
    VVVat would kome nekst, šhould Asad egzit iz anione'z gess, bʌt džudžing αn dhe fajled stejts left yn dhe wejk ov Ømerika brỹngĩng ☭☭☭frēēdom ænd demokrasy☭☭☭ via saťuration bαmbĩng—wεll, dhe prαgnosis iz nαt good…

  7. Hahahaha….."saturation bombing"
    There hasn't been saturation bombing since Vietnam. I like how you take the propaganda from the Syrian chemical attacks with a grain of salt, but totally believe the same people when they tell you fantastic stories about coalition action in Iraq/Afghanistan.

  8. the Syrian regime are monsters and murders that ruled Lebanon by death and fear…. BUT the truth is more important than my opinion and it seem illogical for them to use mass destruction weapons in the current political atmosphere, which is even MORE horrifying since it means that syria is being ravaged by a bunch of murdering superpowers

  9. Curious question: I've heard it posited that the site where the missiles hit was completely abandoned several hours, possibly a full 2 days beforehand. The rumor being that the white house basically telegraphed the attack plan to Assad, so he could empty out the site and Trump could still look like he's taking a strong stand in the international arena.

  10. It's all about laying an oil pipeline through Syria from Saudi to supply Europe and compete with Russian oil. A pipeline will make the oil cheaper and more plentiful, than shipping it, so that they can undercut Russia.

  11. When the next inevitable conflict breaks out between Israel and the PA, remember this video.
    Pallywood(Palestinian fake narrative industry) has been successful in make belief and made up attacks and casualties to be gobbled up by the Western countries.

  12. I'm all for not blaming that mustached fuck for anything. He's an absolute angel. Leave the guy alone and let him rule forever till he destroys his non-country completely. As an Israeli, If most syrians want me dead – I want them dead. And fuck all of you haters in advance.

  13. Assad wouldn't conveniently shoot himself in the foot like this). I think the rebel jihadis unleashed this chemical bomb to provoke US action in Syria and bring them more fighters to kill, escalate the situation and fight against Assad to help them achieve their goal of overthrowing the democratically elected non-Islamic leader. They were hoping for a repeat of Hitlery's disastrous "we came, we saw, he died" coup and subsequent clusterfuck

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