“This Is The Kind Of Identity Politics That I Hate” Ben Shapiro On The New ‘Black Panther’ Movie

Ben Shapiro talks about the recent ‘Black Panther’ movie permeated with identity politics and the reaction that it’s getting amongst insane white social justice warriors. ✓SUBSCRIBE:


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“This Is The Kind Of Identity Politics That I Hate” Ben Shapiro On The New ‘Black Panther’ Movie

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  1. *Sigh*. I knew that some amount of hype for the movie was due to the cast being black, but I thought the majority of it was just general hype for another good Marvel movie. I absolutely detest when race becomes a celebratory factor in anything. Especially when it’s not something that is actually noteworthy, but rather something as inconsequential as a superhero.

  2. Black people will get behind anything that any black person ever does whether it be negative or positive. When Obama was president, I would see black people on corners selling t shirts etc etc. to this day I see some black people wearing Obama’s t shirts but they don’t care about his policy all they care about is that he’s black. He could’ve had the worst policy in the history of the US and they wouldn’t care because he’s black. That’s not the direction we should be moving in as a country.

  3. Some blacks are literally trying to tell white people not to go watch the movie because "It's a black movie". No, it's a Marvel Superhero movie lol, no white person said no blacks can go watch all the other MCU movies lol.

  4. I just don't get why it's so important that it's an all black cast. It based in Africa, it should be predominantly black, if it wasn't it wouldn't be accurate. I get the part of having an independent badass black super hero, but why does the rest need to matter so much? I just honestly don't get it. Like if it's a movie based in Asia, Asians, India, Indians, America, anyone, Arfica, Africans. If ur gonna be consistent with the place why does it need to matter? I love black panther and he's been one of my favorite super heroes since I was a little kid, but why does this need to be so important? All it is is a step in the direction of a great movie. Why does it need to be made some great moment by blacks? (So anyone doesn't get mad I'm actually questioning because I'm actually wondering because it just doesn't make sense to me. I am white but I have logicalness and fairness ingrained into me so it's why it just doesn't make sense as to why it's such a big deal.)

  5. Do liberal whites really think that a comic book movie is going to save black people from whatever issues they are confronted with? Man, libtards must really have a low opinion of african americans.

  6. The unity that Jewish people have comes from their history, religion and the training of self-esteem, religion teaching at the age of. 14- 21. Spell bar mitzvah. One needs to walk a mile in another's shoes to understand their pain and joy.Talk to others not just rain on their parade.Kids want black dolls why not black super heroes ? Ben you are making too much of this, kids will still choose the white doll because people destroy the joy of self love and love the skin you are in. Sorry you can't feel the joy. or pain of others.Clap back Let the people enjoy the movie.

  7. Yes, Ben how dare black people have identity politics. Only Jews are allowed to make fictional historical accounts reality. Holocaust/Wakanda= f*%& white people. Whites are great, blacks mimic and Jews hate😘

  8. I watched the trailer since I've not heard of it before. It looks like all the other superhero movies, to be honest. Not that I've seen more than the trailers for those either.It's worrying in title, though we might think of it as being named after the cat and not the racist organisation.

  9. The irony as well is that Black Panther and Wakanda is a totally Nationalist state and an Ethno-state as well. Funny how it is "A OK" when black people are doing it or being portrayed as such. But if white people do it is "racism" and "Evil"… These leftists are even too stupid to see their own double-standard/hypocrisy.

  10. It's so sad it is FANTASY and leftist white guilt people and many blacks cling to it like it is some kind of truth or how "it could have been" if whites never entered Sub-Saharan Africa. Had no other race gone there they would still have been in the same state they were before white man came there. AKA, no written language, no advanced civilization. It's like media and leftists expect the whole world to play along in this delusion. There have been other black hero movies, other black lead movies, other fully black cast movies. What makes this special. ONLY ONE THING. It portrays a fictional African Nation that is super advanced, more so than our western world. It's like a kid fantasy of wanting to be a Jedi, only kids grow up and KNOW it is not REAL. It never was and never will be. There are literally morons on Twitter that say "Wakanda is what Africa would have been like if White people never set foot in Africa"… Wow, these people do not live in the real world.

  11. Wakanda seems the antithesis of any historical example of technological advancement. Take Ghengis Khan and the silk road…this country grew tremendous power influence and technological advancements through a vast trade network and through a cultural melting pot of ideas and philosophy.

  12. I had little interest in this film until I saw the trailer where the prince points to a white guy and says "get this man a shield", now, am I white? Am I black? Does that make me racist? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the color of either of them. I know it's quite the riddle, what do YOU think it is?

  13. Black people are applauding Wakanda is because it's full of only black people, then why are they condemning white nationalism which is what white supremacists want for their country. They can't have it both ways, they can't say they love a county where only black people live and denounce when crazy white peope want the same thing.

  14. Haven't seen the movie, but isn't the main villain in the movie named Killmonger? And isn't he dedicated to ridding Wakanda of "white imperialist influence"? That's what the IGN article said anyway…

  15. Who is saying BP is the most important event for blacks? A handful of idiots on Tumblr, maybe, if that? Anytime blacks express enthusiasm for seeing themselves depicted positively in film, white conservatives have to harp on it.

  16. Utopia???
    Wasn't it the africans that sold other Africans into slavery to begin with???Perhaps society should research it's history accurately and diligently!!!Society is getting more and more dumb as time goes on!!!👎

  17. Judging by the sales of the Black Panther throughout the years not many cared for the book. If they cared for the book since its inception it would of been a permanent staple like Spiderman etc.

  18. I haven't followed comic books since I was a teen but the Black Panther and Wakanda scenario was that it's whole reason for it's wealth was it's vibranium which was it's bartering resource that allowed it to trade in very advanced technology none of which was it's own. In fact the local populace and fighting forces often used arrows and spears tipped with vibranium as it's main stay.
    You can actually see this in one of the more recent animated movies "The Ultimate Avengers II".
    Also the main reason for T'Challa's power was not technology or vibranium but a magical ritual which passed on the power of the black panther spirit animal into the royal bloodline.

  19. So the movie's not even out yet and there's already a lot of good comments about it that's hard to believe that's what they said about every movie that came out in the past few years and it turns out shit.

  20. Why are these dumb leftist. Messing up my Black Panther character. If anyone should be offended it's the real comic fans who actually read the stories created by legendary Kirby and Lee. Now you got these idiots who didn't even know what wakanda was. Or even picked up a comic book. Ben Shapiro… Please school these dummies

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