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  1. So far its been a cool trip and I'm getting to see some pretty famous Nepali people on this trip! This episode, I have a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu, room changes and I share peek inside some of the realities of travel bloggers . Would you want my job as a travel blogger, youtuber and influencer? Interested in the gear I use for my work? Get my FREE Equipment eguide ▶ Link in the description box as usual.

  2. That was a pretty small plane! I haven't flown in one that small in a while…and thanks for giving us a glimpse of some of your different accommodations.

    I won't talk about some of the places I have stayed, but they were for free with friends in some poor countries, like Vietnam and Cambodia. Actually my friend's place in Cambodia was a big step up from Vietnam where I slept on the concrete floor on top of a bamboo mat.

    And well, we all have used the shower/large bowl and bucket a time or two I am sure, along with some pretty primitive squat toilets! I definitely wouldn't like paying or a room with such a bad shower/bath floor, someone is going to hurt their foot if they step through that fiberglass bottom!

    That must have been a very cool experience seeing the President of Nepal, and getting to meet all of the other people involved in travel, vlogging and blogging, etc. I want to do that, haha…thanks also for showing us Boudha. Rough around the edges, that's my kind of place, lol. Another great video, Christine, showing us a lot of insight in what your travels are like!

  3. My favourite fitty is back, Love the video, but the food at very end of the vid? If I had to eat that to Go on a Date you, then yes, otherwise NO CHANCE!!! Lol xxx

  4. OMG ! When were you in Nepal? I was there in April and just got back too, wish I had seen you as I was in Pokhara & Kathmandu too. Anyway the hotel looks horrible in Pokhara, I stayed in Big Pillow Inn which has really new and clean rooms and good view of Phewa Lake and Annapurna Mountains. It was supposed to cost Rs 5000 for my room but I couldn't get my flight from Ktm to Pokhara and after getting a day later, they gave me a different room but I paid Rs 3800 which is cheaper than my original room but it was really new and clean, so I didn't mind. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Nepal and I love watching your videos as a solo traveller, I feel safe to travel by myself.

  5. wow..nice christine..i want to visit kathmandu also…thank u i used all things i learned from my first to kolkata last december…your blog from safety tips to go india helped me a lot….continue to your blogging…you helping many in their travel….God bless you more..

  6. That was a good video. Oh the joys of room keys needing to be in a certain place to have electricity… I can relate to your experience there. lol I like the video because you detail the highs and lows of travel in a realistic way.

    Story: I was in SE Asia a week and a fellow traveler remarked how the hostel we were staying at was a good one. Since it was my 3rd ever hostel experience I agreed with him since I had never had a bad experience with one yet. My attitude was "how can any accommodation be a bad experience?". Naive, yes, and later I witnessed a few hostel and hotels that weren't up to par due to strange odors, cleanliness issues, etc. But, it's all part of travel.

    At least you got to see the president of Nepal!

  7. Yeahh,everyone has got a certain problem with the hotel's management whenever one's travel to a New place.Btw,which place;Pokhara or Kathmandu do u like the most?😊

  8. It wasn't too long ago Nepal had a king. I believe he was deposed. After the recent earthquake the madam president must have a lot of work cut our for her. Were there bedbugs in the first room? Everyone seems to be lowering their heads while walking in the airplane even the flight attendant. It must feel great to be short for one day. The BBC reported this morning that one of the trains got a violation for taking water out of the toilet (maybe what we call bathroom or restroom) in canisters to make tea on the train.

  9. give me a moment. one definitely get information overload on your channel of sights, sounds…….hypnotic voice. I have to wear a helmet so I dont make a mess when you blow my mind every episode.

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