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Top 10 Games That Release The Most FREE Stuff

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  1. But Warframe doesn't have an * for the free to play, there's no cost to download expansions, and things like that, it's only pay to progress faster, so GTA V is in the same area as Warframe if that's what you're talking about

  2. GTA V should definitly be #1. I play so many games but nothing gave me so many free stuff, DLCs, updates like GTA did. If you compare it to the first day of GTA online its like a different game tho. Dunno if they paid you to put fcking Dying Light on number one but not just for me im sure for many people GTA earns number 1.

    And there are people bitching about it yea.. But sadly GTA has a retarded ass community where people only cry about the price on this game, LITERALLY everything! And if there is something new that doesnt cost much they find something different to complain like "Oh nice you put a cheap car finally but why didnt you bla bla bla". Those people dont even play the game how it supposed to be played. They put so many ways to make money they always do double XP and $ weekend or sometimes whole week where you can get like 500k in half a hour but no people just walk around and shoot people beause THEY are actually earning money.

    Fuck off crying babies.

  3. I these these mermaid brushes free the other day i think there super cute haven't used them yet
    From a app from play store called verydice download it and use my code 957675 do surveys and watch like 10 sec videos and earn rolls to earn tickets to redeem items like the brushes or make up pallets or anything they have on there everything comes from Amazon free shipping

  4. Are people expecting to get the GTA V content easily? It's free, you just have to grind for it. These people just don't know how to farm efficiently without depending on a hacker.

    Thank god titanfall 2 showed up. You're still the best FPS in my book.

  5. PvZ2 seems like an amazing game. Problem is I doubt there will be enough people online consistently to make it worth the purchase….

    Same goes for Titanfall 2, sadly.

  6. I feel like GTA should’ve at least been higher than overwatch, cause when ever there’s an update for GTA there’s at least drip feed content for like one month after

  7. This is fucked up watch mojo, EVE ONLINE gets no love from any list when this one they should be #1 , 15 years of 2 a year free expansions, seasonal events and holiday giveaways to even now if u play enough you don't even have to pay real money to play,the whole game is AAA quality at it's finest with everything free to all,get your shit together

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