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Top 10 Greatest Teams in NFL History | NFL Films

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  1. Anyone who says the 2007 pats don't belong on the list is a moron. Take two other great teams the 1983 Redskins and the 2013 Broncos had those teams won their respective Super Bowls they would have been considered among the greatest teams of all time but they got clobbered in their Super Bowl. The 07 Patriots lost on a last-second touchdown. look I hate the Patriots but the 07 Pats absolutely deserve to be on this list. The fact of the matter is if the 07 Patriots was to play the 72 Dolphins a lot of these idiots on here saying the 07 Patriots don't belong on the list would pick the 07 Patriots to beat the 72 dolphins.

  2. They need to add an asterisk to the 2004 Patriots. It's easy to have a great defense when you have recorded the oppositions plays & walk through to have an edge. When you know what plays are coming you can setup your D perfectly. Cheatriots Belicheat Shady Brady

  3. 98 Broncos? Seriously? xD Terrell "Migraines from Roids" Davis? Yeah there's a reason he was getting so many yards. Also the Falcons were not the best team in the NFC that year it was the Vikings, they just got the fluke win in the NFC championship, Denver didnt even beat the best team. Idk how/why they are on the list

  4. Sure 2004 Patirots team was elite but Philadelphia Eagles should won that super bowl because they had great players and coaches and how hard they want to bring a championship for the city and their fans

  5. The '72 Dolphins were great, but they didn't even go 18-0. I expected the '07 Patriots to be 1. They're one of if not the greatest team of all-time. Numbers 10-5, and 1-2 lost games, they just didn't happen to be in February.

  6. Why are the 85 bears on this list? They had probably the easiest year out of every team that is a potential candidate for this list. If I remember correctly, only 2 teams they faced in the regular season got double digit wins that season, and a good majority didn’t get 8 wins. They faced an actual good team, Marino’s dolphins, and lost. 85 bears capitalized on a great schedule. I thought this list was greatest teams not greatest schedules.

  7. Harry Engel
    In the case of the 1991 Redskins, you could legitimately argue that they are the greatest team in NFL history, because they had ten pro bowlers, made some noise on the individual leaderboards (Mark Rypien was top five in passing touchdowns, passer rating, adjusted net yards per attempt, and lowest interception percentage, Earnest Byner was fifth in rushing yards, Gerald Riggs was fifth in rushing touchdowns, and Ricky Ervins was fifth in yards per carry, Gary Clark was top five in receiving yards and yards per reception, while Art Monk was top five in receiving touchdowns, on the defensive side of the leaderboards, Charles Mann tied for tenth in sacks and both Wilber Marshall and Darrell Green were tied for tenth in interceptions. In the special teams unit, Chip Lohmiller led the league in extra points and field goals while Brian Mitchell led the league in punt return yards).

    In addition to their pro bowlers and leaderboard dominance, the team had the best differentials in points, yards, turnovers, first downs, passer rating, yards per punt return, sacks and interceptions. They might be the only team ever to lead the league in all eight of those differentials, and are one of only six teams to have a point differential (counting the postseason), of over +300, +322 to be exact.

    Their argument for being the best gets even stronger when you consider the fact that they played teams that had a collective record of roughly .500, had the best record in the league at 14-2, with both losses by three points or less, and faced three Hall of Fame running backs (Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, and Thurman Thomas), as well as one of the best individual defenses of all time, twice (the 1991 Eagles).

    In addition, the team had an additional roughly +60 point differential in its postseason run, while forcing 14 turnovers and turning the ball over only twice.

    Perhaps the most impressive stat of all is that their quarterbacks were not sacked in the postseason once, while the defense racked up 14 sacks.

    In my book, the 1991 Washington Redskins are easily the greatest team of all time.

    What do you think?

  8. Maybe its the homer in me, but I think the 92 Cowboys would beat a lot of these teams. Also, I know the 92 team is generally considered the best, but personally, I like the 95 team which kept all the major pieces, while adding Larry Allen (the best O-lineman to ever play the game) and Deion Sanders.

  9. "85 Bears, "92 Cowboys, or the best SF Super Bowl team  are three way tie #1. Any of these three would have pummeled the 72 Dolphins or any Pats team coached by Belichick, regardless of the cheating.

  10. I don't know about this lack of competition in the NFL at the time crap for the 1962 Packers! Unitas was still in Baltimore shredding defenses, the Giants still had a pretty good defense, and the Lions stepped up that year. Yeah Brown had an off year, but defensing him was still difficult. And the Bears had a fierce defense with Atkins and George and Caroline.

  11. It is exceedingly difficult to compare and contrast teams from different eras, so I can understand why some would talk about the Patriots of today, for example, being able to beat the 1985 Bears or a similar team. What I would personally do is put all the teams in a Strat-O-Matic football league and let them slug it out. It is likely no worse than trying to compare/contrast players from different eras, with different systems or different sized players and so on.

    It would be interesting to see how that turns out.

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