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Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs

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  1. Not gonna deny you only live twice is my least favorite nvm they're all mostly a lot worse than I remember. OK THE ORDER OF THESE IS EXCRUCIATING how is Duran Duran above anything else, they can't sing to save their lives.

  2. No way Madonna should be in here. That one was a joke and took a lot of deserved criticism when it came out. Gross. I would drop Madonna, and add in Chris Cornell's You Know My Name (Casino Royale). I would also move You Only Die Twice from 10 up to about 5 and drop Sheena Easton to at least 10 if not dropped altogether and put Gladys Knight's "Licence to Kill" in. You absolutely got Goldfinger right. It's by far the best. A classic!

  3. Why the hell is Die Another Day on this list when Tomorrow Never Dies is not? The former might have been a catchy song, but it wasn't a good "Bond" song.

  4. You know my name deserves much more than an honorable mention! It’s one of the best! And no die another day does not deserve to be on the list. It don’t matter what awards it got it’s about what kind of song it is. Make sure you know what you’re talking about watchmojo!

    Edit: I think skyfall should have been a bit higher but that’s just my opinion cause the song and the film is one of my favorites

  5. 01. For your eyes only – Sheena Easton
    02. Live and let die – Wings
    03. View to a kill – Duran Duran
    04. Living daylights – Aha
    05. License to kill – Gladys Knight
    06. Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey
    07. Goldeneye – Tina Turner
    08. All The Time In The World – Louis Armstrong (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
    09. Spy who loved me – Carly Simon
    10. Thunderball – Tom Jones

  6. Before I even watch this shitty Mojo video, it’s not close. “ View To A Kill.” And after watching it, I was as right, totally shitty. I may have misheard, but I thought they said Sheena Easton is the only performer to appear in the opening credits while singing the theme song. I’m pretty sure Duran Duran also appeared in the opening credits. By the way, what is that Madonna BS?

  7. You Only Live Twice should be higher, top 5. Madonna does not belong on the list. Replace her with Tomorrow Never Dies. Carly Simon should be a top 3 and remove TOM JONES. Sam Jones (SPECTRE) should be there.

  8. Sheena Easton on 9 and Madonna on 8? You are fucking kidding me. Madonnas song and perfomance is one of the worst in the franchise. And Sheena Easton should be top 5.

  9. Madonna makes the Top 10 and Chris Cornell is an honorable mention?!?! Are you kidding me?? I skipped through Madonna’s “contribution”…. why is she even on this list??

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