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Top 10 Most Important Moments in Music History

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  1. I feel David Cassidy should have been here, if only in other moments before #1. He had a fan club larger than The Beatles and Elvis. He sold out Madison square garden within hours. Just my opinion.

  2. A slightly, well actually completely, ridiculous list. Whats wrong with it? Well Michael Jackson is on it for his Moonwalk, and although that was a part of his performance it is not actually music itself. The most important moments in musical history must surely relate to the music, not a dance move. Beethoven is on the list; great. A fantastic composer. A virtuoso Pianist. Did I laugh at the idiotic comment below where somebody said 'well hes more of a composer than a musician' 🙁 But if his premier of the 9th symphony is on the list then there are a lot of others that should be on here. Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring for one. Caused an uproar at its first performance. Where are Bach and Mozart… A bit of fun I know, and I'm not commenting on the merits of the people on the list, just the absurdity of it!

  3. Nirvana ??? and the hip hop one (whos name i all ready forgot)??? neither of these should be on this list
    may be replace them with pink floyd and zeppelin
    oh ya and madonna ???

  4. Why do I watch this shit??? Bloody drink!! Utter crap!! Love the fact that the moron asks do you agree….Knowing fine well that he has assembled a load of clips without thought for their actual importance!

  5. I saw this clip a few years ago , and MJ was nowhere to be seen in the top . People complained and unsubscribed that's why they decided to add MJ into . I see you Mojo , a bunch of hypocrites unsing MJ name for clicks .

  6. Hendrix at Woodstock wasn't even the most important Jimi Hendrix moment. This list is frought with errors.

    There's no way Elvis on Milton Berle should be before Dylan Goes Electric. That's insane.

  7. did you seriously just show that gangnam style right after Jimi Hendrix?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! what a disgrace to the legend.

    p.s. the Beatles are horse shit overrated af. They have the I wanna punch you in the face facade, especially McCartneys head bobbling face.

  8. Hate when dudes with that stereotypical white guy voice give sugar hill game the kudos for creating and kicking off the hip hop revolution. Everything in that song was taken from the Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, DJ"s of the late 60"s and 70"s Grand master flowers, DJ Hollywood, and so on.

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