Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Idaho. #2 is Boring. Things consider if you relocate

If you like to travel or looking to relocate this is the channel for you. Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Idaho. #2 is Boring. Things consider if you relocate. Support …


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Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Idaho. #2 is Boring. Things consider if you relocate

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  1. Three things I have learned from reading the comments:

    1. Idaho natives seem to be extremely rude and unfriendly.
    2. People from Idaho appear to lack education.
    3. These same people are ungrateful since all economic information suggests Californians are contributing a much needed infusion of cash while Idaho actually relies on more federal tax dollars than the average state(much more than California that actually receives less than they give). If you take that much from the rest of the country then maybe you should be more thankful and be more quiet.

    You really need to rethink your attitudes.


    A person that knows you people leech off of California(no, I am not from California)

  2. I love guns. I could move to Idaho easily. Are you guys in Idaho alright with white trash doublewide hillbilly’s? If so ima head on over, I’m from Ohio by the way.

  3. Not from Idaho but it only seems boring if you are looking for the big city life. If u want country life it looks great. Trying to get outta NY and this vid just put Idaho on my choice list.

  4. idaho is a wonderful place.. if your not from california that is. we shoot guns, hunt, fish, drive trucks cause you cant live here if you cant get through snow, we're farmers, we're ranchers, we're miners, we're lumber jacks, and we're a bit crazy. it takes someone who doesnt get offended about the way we live to call this place home. i would appreciate legal MJ tho. but most importantly we grow potatoes.

  5. No one knows where it's at ?–LOL There are 10,000 families from California moving to The Treasure Valley every 2 weeks in the summer of 2018. FYI—> We love our firearms and will stop anyone wanting to take them from us.

  6. born and raised in pocatello. the winter driving is AWFUL it really does feel like an extreme sport. even driving down a residential street, especially one that doesn’t get plowed daily (which is most), can be very nerve racking. getting to school in the morning can potentially be life threatening (i’m only kind of kidding)

  7. Sincere question for native Idahoans: If I were a political and social conservative moving to the Boise/Nampa area from North Dakota instead of California, would that make any difference?

  8. #7: “This state is more red than the Russian flag“. The Russian flag is 1/3 red, since it has three horizontal stripes: White, blue and red. That would give Republicans a 33% support in Idaho. Guess what you meant is the Soviet Union‘s flag, which was all red except for the “golden“ hammer and sickle.

  9. Boise is very, very white, it's very dull and boring, really hot in the summer and there isn't that much greenery, mostly high desert scrub. Been there many times to visit relatives. Not sure what people find attractive about the place. I think it's one of those fads that people latch onto to and keeping telling themselves, "Gee if everyone finds it attractive, it has to be, I'll force myself to like it!"

  10. With the exception of # 10 you just listed all the reasons to actually move to Idaho. Currently in Oregon (5th generation) my state is completely unrecognizable with it's runaway progressive liberal agenda. Can't wait to retire in Idaho.

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