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Top 10 Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes

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  1. city on the edge of forever sould be #1, of course (edith keeler"s) demise haunted this 9-year-old for some time after that episode, but you gotta go with mirror, mirror at #2. parallel universe wasn't really delved into in those days…

  2. I never understood the hype around "Balance of Terror". Personally, I always found "The Corbomite Maneuver" to be a much more engaging ship vs. Ship episode. "Balance" just seemed like a less high stakes repeat of the concept. Plus I love the ending of Corbomite!

  3. What Would Kirk Have Done What Kirk Have Made The same mistake That Decker Made.I think He Secretly Wondered. what If.The Enterprise Would have Come Upon The Doomsday Machine Planet Killer.Maybe He wondered.If Spock and the Rest of the Enterprise Crew Members Would have Meant The For the constellation Crew.And He would have Been In Decker Place.Because every time They went to ANOTHER Starships Aid Kirk would compare Himself to Them And Would he would Have Done in certain Situations.And You Notice when Ever One of Their sister Starships Were in Trouble It was Always the Enterprise That Came to Their rescue.I think only Once did ANOTHER Starship or Starships Ever Come to The Enterprise Rescue And I Think that was Because of Mutual Respect and Comparison between All Five starships and Their Commander Or Captains

  4. Personal fave from the original series: "Let that be your last battlefield", and not just because the Riddler was in it. An excellent allegory not just about the class war (Frank Gorshin's Bele representing 'the Establishment' vs. Lou Antonio's Lokai, the 'radical leftist', both giving excellent, humorless and overly emotional performances as the two battling Cheroni. You could actually get the feeling that the two really hate each other) but about racism as well.
    The episode never takes a side, portraying both Bele and Lokai as equally unreasonable and hard lined in their arguments, which sounded very much like the rhetoric of the opposing sides of the Vietnam war, racism, and other issues of the 1960's.
    A fine episode indeed…

  5. Generally speaking, the writing, production and sets got worse after the first year and a half of Star Trek Original Series, because their production budgets were slashed by NBC. Most of the season 3 shows are pretty cheesy, with new directors and writers brought in after the best "behind the camera" folks from season 1 and 2 apparently went elsewhere for work.

    I've always felt that the best episode of Star Trek, Original Series ever made was season 1, Episode 28: "The City on the Edge of Tomorrow", written by the great science fiction writer Harlan Ellison and directed by Joseph Pevney. My second favorite is Season 2, episode 1: Amok Time, written by Theodore Sturgeon and also directed by Joseph Pevney. It is the only episode whee it appears for a few minutes that Spock has killed Kirk while deep in he throws of the Vulcan blood fever, fighting to keep his wife Tpring. But I hate the pat ending, where Kirk should be court martialled for disobeying direct orders by not going where he was ordered to go by an admiral. But you can't have the star just get wiped off the map at the start of season 2, right?

    The other season 1 episodes I like most are S1e8: "Miri", S1e15: "Court Martial", S1e18: "Arena", S1e26: "The Galileo Seven"

    Of the space battle episodes, I think the best one was season 1, episode 14: Balance of Terror, written by Paul Schneider and directed by Vincent McEveety. Another good space battle episode was season 1, episode 10: "The Corbomite Maneuver", written by Jerry Sol and directed by Joseph Sargent.

    Perhaps the most unique Star Trek episode was S2e15: "The Trouble With Tribbles". This was a lighthearted, almost farcical episode where Kirk fails to guard a bin full of grain intended for growing on a disputed planet that is also claimed by the Klingons. A decent one was S2e24: "The Ultimate Computer', when a new experimental computer installed on the Enterprise by an unstable, unprincipled scientist with a brilliant past goes rogue and destroys another starship during simulated combat. Kirk has to find a way to stop it before it kills everyone on the other ships.

    The other common plot construct was Kirk with or without crew members transporting down to a planet/asteroid/ship conveniently located right along their patrol route. I was always about encountering some sort of villain or entity or historical American who either tried to kill them or destroy the ship, tries to kill all of Star Fleet or helps defeat the enemy.

    While season 3 is mostly bad plot lines while the cast does their best to put lipstick on pigs, there we a few that I l still like. S2e1: "Spock's Brain", S3e8: "For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky", S3e9: "The Tholian Web" and S3e13: "Elaan of Troyius."

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  7. "Assignment Earth". I especially liked Gary Seven and his cat (played by Terri Garr). It was rumored to have been spun off into it's own series but Robert Lansing (Seven) was considered a difficult personality (so I heard) and it wasn't picked up. Too bad, I always liked Garr.

  8. I would have thought that the number one episode would have been with the famous "kiss" that Shatner and Nichols did. That was unheard of in the 60's. And we take for granted now interracial marriages and relationships. See how Star Trek changed society?

  9. Among my favorites is "A Piece of the Action". An early Earth exploration vessel reports they contaminated the culture of a developing planet. When the sub-light message is finally received the Enterprise investigates to find a society entirely based on the organization of Prohibition era mobsters. It's quite funny to watch the crew first try to understand the society and then try to emulate its norms in order to get out of the mess that's been created.

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