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Top 10 Vietnam War Movies

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  1. Apocalypse Now is #2, FMJ and Platoon are interchangeably #1 & #3. 4th of July is #4, I'll put Hamburger hill and Casualties of war as 5 & 6…We were soldiers comes in at 10th imo

  2. October 2, 2018 as of this date there has not been a accurate portrayal of the Vietnam Combat Soldier yet! There are scenes in some movies that are but The Movies have entirely to much hollywood bullshit in them and it ruins those that could have been good movies!

  3. In light of other comments here, this order of movies is all fucked up (calling Tom Cruise a "soldier" in Born on the 4th of July"? Yeah, these people really know what they're talking about). How about Lee Ermey in "Battle for Firebase Gloria"? I know it was basically a B movie filmed in Mexico, but the did a really good job with it. Besides, who wouldn't love seeing Lee Ermey in a combat role?

  4. I present to you a true US Hero & Patriot, who did do 'the right thing': by owning up to his earlier mistakes & errors; and speaking & standing up to those who made him do/commit them. Unfortunately, his no-holds-barred wake up call has not penetrated hearts & minds of subsequent/next generations. Nothing has changed (for the 'good'); nothing apparently will.
    :_[[ hYlkeW (64y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit in DE)

    War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
    Ralph Nader on Smedley Butler
    Book of the Month: War Is a Racket | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid – Ora TV
    Jesse Ventura
    "War Is A Racket" By Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, Read By Jon Gold
    Jon Gold
    War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler
    Julia Clark
    Meet Smedley Butler
    7th Day Truth Seeker

    What's new?!?

    Used & Betrayed – 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats // Empire_File026
    Empire Files May 24, 2016

    Kriegsbeute Mensch – Wie Regierungen ihre Soldaten verraten
    Reportsant Jan 27, 2011
    Pows:Stories of survival
    Raitis May 1, 2013
    Prisoners of War Betrayed
    Veritas May 25, 2013

    The Atomic Soldiers
    TheRapeOfJustice May 22, 2018

    All wars are created by bankers
    Zionist Report Sep 3, 2017

    All Wars Are Bankers' Wars – Alle Kriege sind Kriege bestimmter Banken

    And you'd better hurry in getting this message out.

    After having effectively&efficiently 'embedded' the 'Mainstream Media', next 'they' will do so with the 'Alt Media' and strangle&slow the iNet down to a trickle through/by surveill&filter&censor&block-ing its traffic.

    Speak Against Child @buse= HATE SPEECH says YouTube
    Black Pigeon Speaks
    Hilarious Newscaster Montage Shows How The Media Controls The Masses
    The Jimmy Dore Show
    ISP Censorship is Modern Day Book Burning
    Computing Forever

    Dystopia&Catastrophe will abound & rule/reign un-assailed/opposed.

    Steht ein 3. Weltkrieg vor der Tür?
    Werner Altnickel
    Is Europe Doomed?
    Rebel Media
    Bürgerin von Calais Stadt und ihre Migrationserfahrungen deutsch
    Werner Altnickel 10.12.2016

    'Divide & rule', ie 'divide & suppress', 'us', the (global) '>99%'; that's what 'they''re after.

    Making 'us' hate one another, being at one another's throat, is just one of 'their' tactics&strategies toward that '(greater) goal'.

    Tell Our Story
    Kraut and Tea 12.01.2017

    And, to be honest, 'they''re doing a damn good job at it; whereby, the majority of 'us' are making it 'easy' for 'them'.

    :_[[ hYlkeW (64y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit in DE)

  5. Sorry and do not block me when I watch American War movies I see many movies tell the truth is "when you fight back do you make movies and games to masturbate your spirit"

  6. The Quiet American should have had a mention. Shows the beginning of the American intervention just as the French are on the way out. Great performances from Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser.

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