Top Ten Creepiest Glitches in Video Games

I’m sure that half of my attempts to explain these glitches are at least a little bit incorrect but an approximation is the best I can hope for. I suppose you can …


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Top Ten Creepiest Glitches in Video Games

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  1. The moving mannequins is because they use a similar model to NPCs with their AI turned off, the ones in Honeyside sometimes have problems with their AI staying off; it usually only happens when the player is not there, but I have had them follow me before.

  2. A while ago they had fixed the demonic noodle babies on both the sims 3 and 4, apparently one of the things that caused it in the fourth one is if a gallery character had a child with a non gallery character.

  3. Hi there just wanted to tell you that I have a lot of glitches on my game Dead Rising 4 and I can't believe all the weird and creepiest glitches on this game if you want to see them thank you for your time I just wanted to tell you that thank you creepy glitches

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  5. There’s nothing more creepy than experience a glitch in a rather innocent game, when you’re a child…

    Like it was very mediocre like by today’s standards, but young me just didn’t understand and wanted it to go away.
    It never did.

  6. my friend alex, he was playing on legendary mode and he killed a regular dragon, looted its corpse and left for whiterun through travel, he then turned around and saw that it followed him, explain?

  7. I know this list is half a year old but there was a glitch in Kingdom Come Deliverance where a corpse would shift to the "standing with arms spread" stance. I saw a video of this happening to the huge corpse pile at the start of the game and I froze in terror.

  8. The mannequins in Skyrim glitching occur primarily because they are tagged as NPC's in the game. This tag is why you can put armor on them, but sometimes the code can break and they start to act like NPC's without a behavioural file.

  9. In sims 3 in university you can make people toddlers with cheats and they turn into demon toddlers or rather a toddler with a young adult/adult/elder hitbox so their limbs are streched out

  10. #1 has been explained, actually. In terms of game coding, the mannequins are actually male Nord NPCs with special textures over them to make them appear made of wood. But they're also given special scripts that force them to stand perfectly still and never do anything. Problem being, sometimes those scripts shit the bed, and you end up with this glitch.

  11. Mount and Blade: Warband has a glitch in which the skybox texture in a battle is swapped with the texture of the face of a peasant farmer…

  12. I know the game is cringe, but a long time ago in Minecraft I was playing a survival game in a village and suddenly a headless Creeper popped out from behind a building. I paused the game and quit, but when I later returned to see if it was still there, it had blown up.
    Also found a chunk in creative mode where you couldn't place blocks and any villagers that entered it would lose their heads as well, but it got patched.

  13. The sims glitches are just the game trying to map a custom model onto a character not meant for that specific rig, like babies trying to use adult animations. It’s just a matter of loading the wrong package.

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