Top Ten MTG: Best Precon Decks For Commander

What are the ten best Precon decks of all time? This episode, We’ll figure that out. Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comment section. If you enjoyed this …


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Top Ten MTG: Best Precon Decks For Commander

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  1. Power Hungry was the first preconstructed commander deck I got. During the winter after the 2013 release the prices were crazy on Amazon. Power Hungry and Eternal Bargain were the cheapest (crazy, right?) at about $20 off setting Mind Seize and Evasive Maneuvers at $70 and $50 respectively. I haven't modified it, focusing my deck building on my Experiment Kraj deck, but I have collected at least one deck from each release to use out of the box with friends.

    For the first few I went with the cheapest option, with my finding a sealed Political Puppets for $70, then Peer through Time for $20 and then Call the Spirits for $28. I then got Open Hostility and Draconic Domination as gifts. I look forward to whatever I get from this years release though I hope I get Subjective Reality.

  2. One of the most playable precons that was surprising in its power I have bought and played was Swell the Host. Its ability to quickly go wide, or stay narrow and powerful is pretty awesome for a precon.

  3. Heh. I rebuilt the Atraxa deck to be hyper efficient. I can literally hold 4-5 players at bay with it. By turn 3-4 I have at least one creature with lethal capability, and Mana gen out the wazoo. I don't even have to play Atraxa to have a win con on the table, and have at least a dozen ways to infinite +1/+1 counter drop. Every time I play the deck I discover another rapid win con or two in the deck. It has even been banned from my local EDH games because every time someone thinks they have an answer to it, it surprises them (and me). It is ridiculous and fast enough to win more often than not in a regular game even.

  4. I but atraxa to be voltron and it worked very well especially proflierating Jitte counters. Thing is, people forget that Atraxa is a 4/4 flying, lifelink, vigilance, death touch for 4. Removinng her proliferate, she is still a beast.

  5. If you just want his list…
    10. Built From Scratch
    9. Counter Punch
    8. Power Hungry
    7. Devour for Power
    6. Feline Ferocity
    5. Guided by Nature
    4. Vampiric Bloodlust
    3. Invent Superiority
    2. Plunder the Graves
    1. Breed Lethality
    …you're welcome 🙂

  6. My group of card playing friends are pretty much 100% Commander. We now have 25+ decks we all play at random with each other. Most of them are built from scratch or heavily tweaked pre-cons, with one exception: Teferi, Temporal Archmage. We found this pre-con was so OP it doesn't need tweaking. The games almost always end up being everyone vs this deck. It keeps everyone down and still wins while doing it. Maybe its just my personal experience with it, and I still cant even explain how its, but my opinion Teferi is beyond OP the best pre-con ever made. It has a perfect balance unlike any other pre-con. I'm a little disappointed it never even made a mention, it should be #1 miles ahead of every other deck, and we have played them all…. or maybe its just a fluke experience among our group….

  7. To your point about these precons not being focused, I think that's because precons are meant to be frameworks upon which to build in a direction. You buy it, play it, find the strategies you like to play, and refine it in those directions. It gives you options, and whilst you're likely to gut a quarter to a third of the cards, long term, you still have a fairly coherent commander deck, that you can play decently well, in the meantime.

  8. I truly hope they reprint Atraxa in the next Anthology. I missed out on getting her deck the 1st time and I still regret it. I have like, 4 builds with her on Xmage and they all kick massive ass.

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