Top5Shorts: Pro Twerker Jessica Vanessa, Amazon Modelling And The Chic Shiba

Top5Shorts: Pro Twerker Jessica Vanessa, Amazon Modelling And The Chic Shiba SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe …


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Top5Shorts: Pro Twerker Jessica Vanessa, Amazon Modelling And The Chic Shiba

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  1. When i was little i was told that if i wasnt clean then the monsters of the sewer would wait for me to walk over a sewer grate and grab me and drag me under… it was such a dumb thing to believe but i was young and gullible.

  2. When I was a child, my mom would tell me if I didnt finish eating my bowl of rice, I would marry an ugly husband. The more rice that was left, the uglier my husband would be. Although she told me that I still didnt finish my rice most of the time because I got full easily!

  3. My story I thought was true was when I was a kid I was absolutely positive that I was being filmed secretly.Every move I made I thought was recorded.When I saw the Truman Show,I was even more convinced that I was being filmed.It got so serious that my family actually had to stage an intervention lol.Not kidding.

  4. I asked my dad why and what were the white fluffy streaks in the sky? I was told they were made by jets so that they could find their way back from wherever they were going! (Mean daddy)

    Also, when I was very young, I heard the word douche. I didn't know what the word meant so I went to my older sister and asked her. She told me it was the name for a German vacuum cleaner. That sounded reasonable, so I believed that for a very long time.

  5. I heard that a duck made a sound of an elephant and I was terrified of duck until I was 7 and my teacher said to make a sound of and animal and I made a sound of a elephant and she asked me what sound is that and I said duck😯😐😑

  6. The equivalente of the tooth fairy in mexico would be a "Tooth Mouse". This little mouse comes to your house the night you lost a tooth and leaves you money under your pillow or at your night table. I remember when i found my teeth in my mom's drawers and I started crying in dissapoitment 🙁

  7. The fib I was told was that there was a witch haunting the locked room upstairs. From the ages of 3-9 I didn't ever go near it, turns out it was just a storage room 😛

  8. Something that I originally thought was real but later found out that I was wrong, was God. I'm OK with this. I didn't like the idea of killing people who worked on Saturday anyway.

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