Trump Least Likeable in Fox News Poll

This week the Fox News Sunday Panel comprised of George Will, Anne Gearan, Arthur Brooks, and Bob Woodward, discuss the reason behind the results of the most recent Fox News Poll a week after the first GOP debate.
Hosted by Chris Wallace.

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Trump Least Likeable in Fox News Poll

Comments 21

  1. Fox you have been exposed as the Propaganda Arm of the CUCKSERVATIVE Republican Party
    You have lost ALL CREDIBILIITY with your Core Base that MADE FOX NEWS what it is. Now you have betrayed us. Karma will now repay you for misleading and lying to your core base.

    You can let those windbag hacks like Will Brooks and Woodward speak all you want but THE ESTABLISHMENT RINO CUCKSERVATIVE will NOT BE the Party's Nominee.
    IT WILL BE TRUMP ..Now it is YOUR TURN TO TAKE be Mocked.

  2. Finally someone who "can't be bought" is threatening the "Establishment" and the media pundits are doing what they can to discredit and marginalize Trump. Their ultimate plan of a Hillary vs Jeb election is not coming to plan.  We might even elect someone that will serve America rather than the power players. Imagine that…and they ain't happy.

  3. …this poll was apparently about "Qualifications and experience"…and not who is "least likable"…although unmentioned (I wonder why?) the same Fox poll shows Trumps lead up to 25% nationally among Republicans in the nomination race…a poll more closer to a popularity or likeability contest…

  4. George WIll, you can suck me off and swallow. Boehner and McConnell were sent to office to oppose unConstitutional actions being taken by the Obama administration, and they have not. They have, in fact, rolled over and done nothing.
    Don't preach to me about separation of powers, when one of those branches of Government won't exercise the power it has to resist a power grab by another branch of the government.
    If you ass holes will not do the job we the People sent you to do then we the People will REPLACE YOU.

  5. This show has become very leftwing or progressive in the way they treat conservatives with harsher questions they would ever ask democrats, they never asked if giving nukes to a racial community organizer would be a good thing

  6. I wonder if George Will will ever realize what a cloistered buffoon he has become.  The people are angry because the Republican majority can't exercise their will from congress because of separation of powers???  The Republican majority has not done anything to exercise their majority power in congress!  It has bowed down and genuflected to this rogue, criminal president at every opportunity!  And "separation of powers!"  There is no longer any separation of powers.  There are no two parties.  There are no three branches.  There is no fifth estate.  The Republicans and Democrats, the Legislative, the Executive, the Judicial, the bureaucracy and the media are one single unitary blob working seamlessly together to amass all power and property in this nation within its own grasp.  The idea that congress is struggling ineffectually against an imperial presidency because of a moribund concept of a separation of powers is laughable.  Will's smarmy, arrogant, elitist pontificating of this idiocy reveals the hubris of a monumental douchebag!

  7. if they think its wrong to support a guy who isn't going to be beholden to his Billion dollar lobbyists and donors, then yeah call me low informed.

  8. I don't like politicians in general. I'm not a fan of either party but that Donald Trump seems too retarded to hold presidential office. His career history is so wavy from left to right and he is just so unstable that he makes me afraid. I agree with everything they're saying on this panel. Also, I remember watching a video from some theorist whistle blower encouraging Americans to leave the country while you can before they build the wall. He said that the wall was not to keep immigrants out but to keep Americans in. I find this whole ordeal a bit scary.

  9. Trump is the candidate of dummies and the cynical,and Trump himself knows he is there to perform for them! I know the curtain will fall soon on his stage performance and Americans will go back making adult decisions electorally speaking!

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