Trump’s Mar-a Lago Cited For More Than A Dozen Health And Safety Violations

Donald Trump’s winter White House, Mar-a Lago, has once again been cited for several health and safety violations, including hazardous food contamination in their kitchens and potentially…


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Trump’s Mar-a Lago Cited For More Than A Dozen Health And Safety Violations

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  1. Trump "disgusting on the inside'. I concur. Honey R Siegal Stober not dead trustor BofA Settlor Trustee Stober Family Trust Day 1/18/2018 Day 2760 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove&Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano,Trump et al. Mar-a-lago part of unprecendented fraud harassment against me. Same acct # as Trump Mar-a-lago. Citibank fraud

  2. Jesus hes like a slum lord trying to cut corners to maximize profit. Even trumps child like idea of a "wall" looks cheap😂 probably wouldnt even handle the weight of a ladder. I know they are prototypes but cmon. The ring on top to prevent climbing over the wall is ridiculously small, anyone not in a wheelchair could get over. I guess trump thinks walls are an impenetrable obstacle. Im sure if he ever builds this wall (which Americans will have to pay for) he will neglect to maintain it. I doubt america could even afford to after building the wall that only some Americans even want. And they were told they were getting a wall and rightfully so they are expecting it. And now trump is saying bits of wall here, some fence, the mountains and lakes will block the rest. 1. Im sure the mountains hold countless smuggling routes and provide cover. 2. Thats not what you promised and were elected for. Im just waiting for the right to realize trump is in way over his head promising to stop 100% illegal Immigration, drugs and terrorism like a 5th grade class president promising ice cream everyday and no school work.

  3. Filth 😷😬☹😖😫😤
    All for the low price of only
    $200, 000 but wait there is more😐😦 free pee 🍜🍜soup
    and 🌭🌭not including tax.

  4. The dead giveaway: Nobody but Scrooge McDrumpf would order a hot dog at Mar-A-Lago (and McDonald's has to close or run out of taxpayer-purchased Big Macs, eventually or at least occasionally) so of course they'd flag the hot dogs on the floor. "Rat bait located near people food" was probably the actual violation.

    I hope the employees occasionally expectorate on the floor as they mop and scrub: no matter how antiseptic they render it, those surfaces will carry brown person DNA FOREVER, Mr. Drumpf! They touch their shoes when they don and remove their crisp white uniforms! Then they touch your food, your napkin, your plate! THEY P(uff,wipe)OLISH YOUR SILVERWARE! (puff again, wipe spoon with immaculate, but sneezed-into, hanky: sly glances from side to side to see if anybody noticed: hint of a smile. No fingerprints, bwana-massa! Bon appetit!)

    ("Remember my sister?" one of these imaginary immigrant laborers may be asking: "You knocked her up last week and fired her yesterday, have some hepatitis with your two scoops of ice cream.") (Note, I said 'may', I'm not suggesting it will or should or could or might have even already happened, but how were your hepatitis-C and syphilis test results in your recent phony physical exam? Remember: this time you want to be careful about your previous doctor's ridiculous claim that your tests "…showed only positive results.")

    Oh, also: How come the Mar-A-Lago and other Florida beaches get a special exemption from your expanded offshore drilling measure? How can you even live with your own hypocrisy, greasing parts of your GOP machine against its own self-centered interests? I live in Washington, I need an exemption for MY state, TOO!

    I do NOT want any ugly Trump Resorts Anything on Washington State beachfronts even if you claim that's the only way you'll grant an exemption from offshore drilling.


  5. This is funny to me. It just proves he's a selfish man who won't spend money, not even on his investment property's or regular property's. He will probably go after the safety board now or whoever cited him and say they need to be investigated.

  6. I’m sure trump doesn’t take care of maintenance and cleaning himself. This would be an issue with managers and staff. I’m sure he could afford better managers when more money is laundered from Kazakhstan to his properties.

  7. Every restaurant I've worked at has handled food more properly than that they just treat their employees like complete trash and sometimes never pay them after firing them because they found an immigrant replacement. Guess paying me $5 an hour is still too much money cuz they paid him less. Nothing like being told you're going to train your partner boom replaced by an immigrant.

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