Trump’s support among black community doubles since 2017 – poll

The scandal over Donald Trump’s alleged use of a racial slur has seen a hail of accusations of racism slung at the US president. However, amid the scandal, a new poll shows that support for the US president among the black community has almost doubled since 2017.

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Trump’s support among black community doubles since 2017 – poll

Comments 40

  1. "I didn't hear the N word but still I think everybody there were rasists" :-)))))) get outta here :-)))) Doesn't matter what we do or say but if that dude thinks we're rasists then we probly are. What a moron.

  2. Actually why cant Trump sue these idiots that call him a vile word such as racist?.
    Their is no evidence that he is racist and I from Australia havnt heard him say anything racist, so why cant he take them to court for slander?.

  3. If Trump is a racist why would he work so hard to improve the quality of life for the black community? He must be their favorite racist ever……….. Lol

  4. What is Trump supposed to o for blacks socially? Obama messed most black folks up with his platitudes and constant race baiting. Trump is helping blacks in the bes way possible which is economically cos blacks are the poorest race in America, but most are too blind to see it and prefer the smooth talk of Obama even if the were poor. What a retrogressive way of thinking.

  5. I am so proud many black people are walking away from the democratic party! It is finally Time to destroy this party of slavery, KKK, segregation, oppression, welfare, and racism.

  6. Its weekly bashing for Trump that i want it to stop AND US should focus more on its improvement of the nation.

    Attacking Trump everyweek or everyday holds nothing of VALUE

  7. Every black Trump supporter that I've met is what would be considered successful. So if you're black and you support Trump, you're either already successful or you will be soon.

  8. Donald Trump is not the answer for the problems of the American people, black or white. He is a liar, has no integrity and should do the country justice by resigning.

  9. Trump isn't more or less racist than past presidents. I could make the case Obama is racist against white people but I could care less. For liberals words speak louder than actions, the guy has done more for the black community in 2 years than Obama has in 8. Facts!

  10. Democrats always wanted Black community to be on life support/low equilibrium trap and be dependent on welfare schemes for their votes and not on their upliftment for their wealth prosperity.

  11. Stop about the race look 👓what he is doing to Syria while you Americans go against each other.🤜🤛✌
    It's about to be more migrants.
    Long live Putin ✊🙏 look at al jazeera not fake news

  12. Socialism never works. It never has and never will.
    I want to leave a america for my kids where no matter who you are you can go out create things, build great stuff, help people with your innovation etc etc and most of all leave a place not infested with muslim terrorists
    That is why i as a proud black American voted for President TRUMP

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