Trump’s Time – Dilbert Creator Trump Redefines Politics – Fox & Friends

Trump’s Time – Dilbert Creator Trump Redefines Politics – Fox & Friends =========================================== **Please Click Below to …


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Trump’s Time – Dilbert Creator Trump Redefines Politics – Fox & Friends

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  1. Trump is brilliant at subverting us with his brilliance. And Hillary is absolutely terrible at that. She's 100% all about policy…and that simply will not be enough to win with the American people. We Americans want a show. We want to be entranced…and Trump is brilliant at that, so we will chose him. A jewel-encrusted empty promise is much more alluring than a boring fact or policy. Policy is boring. We Americans are sick of critical thinking…and much more interested in enjoying a spectacular show. And Trump will give us that show…so we're lining up to buy tickets.

  2. Trump is very smart….at manipulation. And because most people are absurdly credulous…his tactics work flawlessly, which is why he will indeed win. Now….the interesting part will be WHEN he is president. He's great at becoming president…but those same tactics won't work when the time comes to be president. It'll be very interesting to see how he handles that. This is a fascinating time to live through. Trump has everything it takes to become America's first ever dictator. And I say that more as an interested observer than anything else. Personally, I find 99% of humans to be impossible to relate to. I simply find them fascinating…in the same way an alien race would find us fascinating. But do I relate to anyone in any way whatsoever? Of course not.

  3. We don't care because all the things people are saying against him are lies. Trump hasn't contradicted himself since day one. Yet they say nothing about the extreme fraud, backdoor deals and corruption with Cruz, Rubio and most of all Hillary…..

  4. It's because everyone knows the political/ lobbyist class is a bunch of cheats and liars who say whatever it takes to stay in power and Trump is one of the few people who can beat them. We don't need to know any more and damned sure aren't buying their tricks.

  5. I think Trump should point out how Sanders is getting dumped by the mainstream media. He should somehow try to pull in Sanders voters who are not entirely keen on the whole massive redistribution thing.

  6. You've struck the mother load with the drill down on Trump. Now he makes perfect sense. The only thing I have to add to this is I think he will hate being President once he gets there and realizes just what it really is.

  7. all comments against Trump is factual? False lol… my facebook feed has all kinds of negative ads/memes against the man with no facts at all 😛 They just spew hate and then accuse the man of hate speech

  8. This is a amazing analysis by Dilberts Scott Adams, for mnths I've pictured Pres Trump landing his chopper with help in areas in America hit by hurricanes and tornadoes. I see him as a hands on guy in everything when it comes to this country.

  9. wow maybe Trump is the antichrist; born to rule the world as an emperor. studied the dark arcane arts and mesmerism secretly, in order to conquer the world as an unholy vessel for Satan's corporeal form…….bah id still vote for him.

  10. What is it about these pundits that are so anti-Trump, they are distracted by every ant-Trump theory that comes along? Adams is really not saying anything that different. It's a newly packaged version of liar liar liar, everyone listening is too stupid to believe. No one can conceive of the real issues facing our country, what is destroying it short and long term, and what needs to happen to stop it. PC nonsense that stifles free speech, even in the face is growing Islamification and Sharia-zing our behavior; no borders = no laws and no country = obliteration of America.

  11. And WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK HILARY IS WINNING IN THE DEMOCRAT DESPITE HER TREASONOUS EMAILS? Such disgusting sick media. And this Tucker faces Trump as if he is a good guy yet this guy is a con artist.

  12. it is trump's time we need real change. if we the people do not stick together then nobody can. trump can win we must support him. he is paying his own way. he should use our donations to start his programs before the election.

  13. I've posted comments
    on many video's that I have watched throughout time, and I stand
    behind Trump. I'm only a Canadian, this election won't effect me that
    much. But I've known Trump for allot of years and he is a good
    wholesome family man with values for fairness for low class,
    workers, and Business. I really find it hard to understand why
    people say bad things about him. He has never been in politics, so it
    can't have anything to do with that. I will say this, he is against
    the corruption that has been going on in government, banks, and
    business for decades, I have an economics degree and understand all
    about the monetary system, banks, government, foreign policy, and
    much much more. This world is in trouble, this is why all
    the fighting is going on in Syria and other countries, people are
    dying in the hundreds of thousands world wide because of all of this.

    You people need to understand that if this all escalates
    into a 3rd world war, none of these negative thoughts about Trump
    people say are going to matter. Your best hope, and the worlds best
    hope right now, is someone that has the strength to take on the
    corruption, and Donald Trump is that man. He is risking his life
    here, he doesn't need to be doing this. He is doing this because
    he knows the world is in trouble. He is doing it for his family, for
    your family, the people world wide, you need to understand
    that. And that is why Vladimir Putin said he was an intelligent

     Just think, you will be hanging on to your negative
    thoughts about Trump until you see that bomb drop, and you have about
    1 minute to pray, and wish you never thought negative thoughts about
    Trump. Because Trump is the only one that will get along with
    Vladimir Putin from Russia, this senseless arguing and name calling
    and hatred needs to stop, think about your kids, your grand-kids,
    your families… Like Trump says in just about

    every speech he

    Trump will bring
    back jobs, money, happiness and hope, and stop senseless wars.

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