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WATCH: NRA’s Chris Cox GOES OFF On Hillary Clinton At CPAC

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  1. not to worry Chris, Americans are a breed all its own, even if the whole court was packed with libtards, the whole system would have proven all on its own how powerless they really are. its the people our government derived its power from, and when push comes to shove, I can assure you that it won't be the people turning and running with their tails between their legs. the people are waking up, and taking aim at the overreaching politicians, and the courts, from our local all the way up have been seriously off course. freedom doesn't mean paying for the judiciary's high lifestyle. the very people put in place to protect our freedom gave been the biggest threat. its time to pull the trigger on our courts and remind them that we don't want administrators for every agency the government dreams up, it's long past time for truth and justice and to really see where their allegiance lies…..

  2. the difference between the left and the right…..the left…unemployed college (minions)kids,the right…emplyed working class ADULTS that the difference.the working class have enough to do every day but stepped up and did more and got trump we have to keep it going,jeep trump safe keep the hillary/sorros employed rioters from intimidating us back into socialist progressive rules of oppression and govt control!!!!

  3. It's so amazing that a man like this can be so mean yet have so much class while doing it. It's amazing. Maybe one of the Democrats that showed up at this great event can follow him as an example. God bless the President!!

  4. I give thanks to the Living God that he made us humans and not democRats – that He gave us morality-in-our-hearts. (Not in our brains) and a free will to think Right! to choose Right! And that He choosed Donald J Trump and, of cource, his staff!

  5. Free to bare arms. Highest crime rate in the world. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out high gun crimes is caused by high gun ownership. Especially in a country full of hate, racism, ignorant, arrogant, disrespectful thugs of all different colour, race, and religion. America is a gong show. Civility does not exists in America.

  6. Read the Dick Act. Also, every gun control law, right to carry permit is unConstitutional. The Japanese was going to invade California at the same time they attacked Pearl Harbor. One massive problem for the Japanese. They knew that Americans were armed but didn't know who had guns or what kind. Now all enemies of the US, foreign and domestic, knows who has weapons and what kind.

  7. Proud supporter of the NRA but I don't see any progress made in gun rights for a while. The ATF is still pushing unconstitutional rules, states left and right are passing more and more anti gun legislation, and it keeps looking more bleak. This administration and the NRA needs to get off their ass and start getting to work protecting the second. "The NRA hasnt backed down in.." actually the NRA endorses the Hughes Amendment, claimed they would fight it later, and well… never did.

  8. That's so true, I had no care for politics and didn't care about the President race after Carson seemed to get blacklisted by the media. I thought Trump was rude, loud, and all about self. then when he announced Pence who I had never heard of, I remembered he stood up for Indiana with the right to religious liberties in business. I looked into him and then I watched the second debate and then I got involved and sent donations because I wanted to be a part of it so no one said they did it alone. Yeah, choosing Pence got my attention.

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