We Dressed According To Florida High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

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We Dressed According To Florida High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

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  1. Do central California bc ffs we are ridiculous over here especially @ Caruthers high school. Just saying. You should do that one because it was my high school and I hated the dress code- luckily I never got dress coded but I mean- I was sneaky and I did hide out for most of high school so oh well 😂

  2. The way it works at my school is that they only dresscode people who aren't cheerleaders. Cheerleaders would wear tube tops and off the shoulder shirts and not get dress coded. And then the non-slutty girls who don't do cheerleading wear that and get dresscoded. And this is MIDDLE SCHOOL. I'm talking about. It's crazy. The sluts are allowed to wear shirts that show literally all their boob except their nipple. And they pull their shorts up to high you can see almost 3/4 of their butts.

    My school is full of sluts send help ;-;

  3. why do people who aren't in favor of dress codes overlook the fact that THEY'RE IN SCHOOL and act like its mentally taxing to find something else to wear. Especially when some people say it limits self expression may i remind you that they are in here to learn .SELF EXPRESSION means NOTHING

    also the dress code isin't that strict https://www.lake.k12.fl.us/domain/4853

  4. My school's dress code was very biased. I, myself, am small chested, while my sister is more abundant. We literally wore the same styled shirt (appropriate for our sizes) deeper v neck t-shirts. She wore a tank underneath, I did not….she was hauled into the office and reprimanded while i was not even given a funny look. You could literally see the bottom wire of my bra where it connects the cups together. God forbid, at my school, that you have boobs bigger than a B cup…or bigger than the teachers… not evening kidding

  5. Why dress codes. Their literally telling the female students that they're bodies are less then the male students education. Why not just teach the boys to keep it in their pants

  6. Loving Freddie's hair in this video! Also, I wonder is it more of a southern thing to have such strict dress codes? I went to a public high school in Illinois and no one cared what you wore to school as long as you were wearing something lol.

  7. My school is extremely strict on dress code. Students cannot wear jeans that have holes above the knee, no shorts above the knee. No showing our belly. So no crop tops. We cannot wear any type of tank top and we can't show our shoulders at all they have to be completely covered. We can't wear hats or bandanas either. We use to not be able to wear flip flops but they changed it

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