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We Lived In An RV

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  1. I mean I wouldn't say it was the RV pushing them apart as much as it was a personality clash and them not communicating well…. but u know whatever :3

  2. why is the guy always trying to build their friendship in each video. he shouldn't worry. niki has kind of an attitude which only gets worse the harder he tries…. just focus on yourself Garrett

  3. I mean, I would kinda be annoyed with Nikki too. He’s the one cooking, driving, connecting water and poop lines, granted with a little help. But she made the plan- she could’ve got up, walked to the front of the RV and said something. His gesture at the end of the day was intended to be nice, I don’t really see why she would get upset.

  4. Okay can we replace Nikki with another introvert who's not as annoying??? or at least someone who'll actually like this experience. All the episodes has been and will be 'Nikki doesn't like this,Nikki doesn't like that' & it's super annoyinggggg

  5. I dont get why everyone is hating on her. Come on , she was prob more annoyed because she wanted to be able to shower or brush her teeth but couldn't because the RV had no water. & yes he could have woken her up to let her know he was unhooking everything but at the same time he thought he was being nice by letting her sleep. I guarantee they could care less now though. They are prob both living happy lives while everyone over analyzes this video aka over analyzes them.

  6. I just think this is really ignorant. There are a lot of people that would be lucky to live in something like this and also live in something like this comfortably and make the best of their situation.

  7. Nikki is so rude. I understand that she needs space and thrives independently. Garrett needs affection. He also needs to let go of some control, like just a teeny tiny bit. I feel like Nikki is just always annoyed. Always. Doesnt matter where they live, what they're doing. She's annoyed. Maybe Garrett should have picked someone else to do this project with. Js.

  8. Wow. I don't know why YouTube "recommended" this video to me. Why didn't they cut to the chase and recommend a root-canal? The young man was sweet and a helluva trooper but if he thinks there was "nothing to do there but look at it" maybe YouTube could recommend him a video on things to do at the Grand Canyon. I'd rather jump out of that thing on the freeway than travel with Miss Thing the harpy. I think I'll stick with watching Paul and Lorena of the Motorhome Experiment 'cause they make me happy. This thing was a depressing waste of time. Buh bye.

  9. Yal sayin this paints painting Nikki like a jerk, not everyone is a great roommate that doesn't mean they are bad people. Rv's are tough, man. Imagine camping with someone you don't know very well, sharing a tent yadda yadda. A hotel room is doable, but an even is serious closeness.

  10. Ah dude, when I was a child my parents bought an RV and we went on vacation a few times with it. I reallly hated it. Sleeping was so uncomfortable mostly because I don´t like sleeping in the same room with other people and being the same space with them all the time.

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