We Reveal The Stories Behind Our Scars • Ladylike

“Not the emotional ones–that’s for therapy. The physical scars!” Ladylike Subscribe for your weekly dose of Freddie, Chantel, Devin, Kristin and Jen and all the …


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We Reveal The Stories Behind Our Scars • Ladylike

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  1. I have a scar on the back of my leg because i feel asleep on a plugged-in laptop charger and it burned my leg kind of in a weird circle pattern and its been there ever since 😂

  2. People are curious creatures including myself. I’m glad Kristin explained her scar because I’m a bit of a nosy person but I felt it impolite to ask about it 😮😀 I never noticed Chantels scar before though 🤯😮 I’m glad nothing too traumatising caused them though 😊

  3. I’m still learning how to tell my story but all i can say is that i have a scar that is near my heart i got it when i was 7 i learned how to love it it makes me strong and I’m proudly happy to show it but the way i got it was will I’ll say scary cause it something i didn’t will anyone didn’t suspect that will happen especially to me since i was young puesss anyway I’m just happy to have it cause it’s who i am and it makes me strong 😊

  4. I have a scar on my knee from running into a house as a 7 year old 😊. It makes one knee look darker than the other. Nobody ever comments on it because I guess it a typical area to get scars in but theechanism of injury was definitely unique. Also I have a stomach scar that looks like I'm bleeding melanin from a. Second degree burn after cooking stir fry in a crop top

  5. I still don't even know how this is really possible but I have scars on two of my fingers from paper cuts… Why does everyone else get cool scar stories 😂

  6. I have this scar on my hand I tried to plip an egg and it almost fell so I tried to catch it on the back on my hand and it was boiling hot so now I have a scar shaped like an egg .

  7. I had three long gashes down the right side of my face and I wear pretty full coverage makeup so you can’t usually see it but one is from my sister slashing me and the other two are from my cat

  8. I have a scar going across my belly like a Shepard’s hook as a result of surgery. It’s so annoying when people point it out like yes I know I’ve got a scar, no it doesn’t hurt, and people constantly asking how I got it. It used to upset me as my dream was to be an actress or model when I was younger and I thought because of my scar I thought my dreams wouldn’t come true. However I’m older now and I don’t let it get to me anymore

  9. i have a scar that's not really all that noticeable on my forehead. when i was about 6ish, i had a mole pretty much right in the middle of my forehead and one day my grandma kinda poked the mole and said, "that's where an angel kissed you." so me being me, i went to the bathroom and just picked at the mole until it was gone.

    then on my right pinky, i have a little scar right across the finger print. i was around 10 and i sliced it open with a leaf from a cattail looking plant. thank god it wasn't deep to the point i would've needed stitches. it healed up on its own within a couple of weeks.

  10. I have a scar on my left knee. It is a funnyish story , in high school I have leftover pork chops and decided I needed to bring a knife to school to cut my lunch (even though that is against school rules) while walking back towards the buses at the end of the day the knife had pierced a hole threw my lunchbox and stabbed the side of my knee as I walked. I fell the the ground yelling in pain, none other than the school principal came to my side not to help me but to scold me for having brought a knife to school …. oops

  11. I have a heart shaped strawberry birthmark in my arm and when I was in elementary school the kids thought I had a tattoo. It’s not…had to explain this all the time…and even to this day.

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