We Tried Out The Top-Rated Strapless Bras

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We Tried Out The Top-Rated Strapless Bras

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  1. Nina obviously doesn’t wear a bra most of the time because her boobs are dragging in a D cup and even tho hers are big usually the way hers is going down is called sagging and that’s bc she don’t wear no bra

  2. Nina…. the point of a bra is to lift your boobs UP. You’re dealing with the discomfort of wearing a bra with literally none of the benefits of wearing a bra! It’s literally WHY your breasts keep sagging down! You’re wearing bras basically to HOLD your boobs down.

  3. I always wear strapless bras in the summer because a lot of my shirts are spaghetti strap and I hate having my bra straps showing. Mine stay up even though I'm a 30F, and the band is SUPPOSED to be tight to be able to hold them up. Also I love thirdlove bras because they have my size, but I haven't tried their strapless bras before

  4. Okay but wasnt the first bra like falling slightly with nina in the review .. I understand the struggle but cmon guys we need some support and I guess thats not possible without straps.

  5. I wear a stick on bra or either just wear a normal bra without the straps and wear a bandaue or tube over it to provide extra support, but i’ll definitely keep pulling it up nonetheless

  6. The only strapless bra I have (that fits) is a plain black convertible bra that I hurriedly found at an op shop after I realised the dress I was wearing to my 18th didn't cover my bra straps.

  7. All of Nina’s bras are literally on her rib cage. I get that her boobs are a little saggy or droopy and that doesn’t matter at all btw but she just puts her bras way to low

  8. Ladies… I have 1 word for you: Torrid! Their strapless bras are perfect-they stay put, aren't too tight, don't show under clothes, are super-comfy and also give the girls a lift. I pretty much live in my Torrid strapless bras ❤ (oh, btw, I'm a 44DD.)

  9. I have always had large breast (currently 40J), I agree with many of these comments that Nina needs to be educated on what size will work for her and how to properly wear one, she is too beautiful to be walking around not comfortable and with an poor fitting bra!

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