We Tried The “Wrong” Clothes For Our Shape

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We Tried The “Wrong” Clothes For Our Shape

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  1. I know I subconsciously feel more confident when I’m wearing something that flatters my body, and those outfits usually align with most fashion tips. I think people can wear what they want, feel good, AND be body positive. I would have liked to see the girls in this video swap the clothes they were wearing, so they start off with the “wrong” outfit, then swap with someone with the “right” outfit

  2. When a woman goes out in something that isn’t flattering, no one is going to go up to her on the street and say “you’re not supposed to wear that!” Most women feel best in outfits that make them look good, so magazines just like to recommend those styles and cuts. They need to chill

  3. i personally think that the “fashion rules” is just something that helps people to complement their body shape, not exactly something you’re forced to 🤟🏻💕

  4. In my opinion just buy what you like, try it on if you like how you feel in it then get it it doesn't matter what people say as long as your confident with yourself. Also i feel like they could of at least styled the stuff they tried on.

  5. I’m sorry but the media is not forcing anyone to do anything and those things that tell you what a certain body shapes should wear are just trying to tell u what looks good on a certain body shape

  6. Who said they're rules? It's not like people are going to criticize you on the street for wearing a shift dress when you're hourglass shaped. They're just suggestions and guidelines to help you choose something that will look beat on you. These outfits didn't look bad on them per se, but they didn't look great. It would have been interesting to see them pick out an outfit that actually was recommended for their shape to compare. Truth is those are suggestions for a reason: they work.

  7. Yall need to calm down. Certain things look better on certain body types, you can wear whatever you want but some things look better or worse depending on how your shape, which is why some people can pull off certain things and some cant. Everyone is different it's not body shaming… its helping people understand what usually fits them. If you're looking at those types of magazines you're probably trying to figure out what looks good on you based on your body so thats all they are saying. I couldn't even finish watching this because the whole point is just wrong

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