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Weight-Loss Tips That You Can Actually Stick To

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  1. Cool video. Most important: Don't think about it and make it more complicated than it is. I know that it could be more efficient, but this is how I've lost almost 60 lb.:

    1. Do the maths! Take the calories that you eat and substract the ones that you lose by activities. Don't worry about eating a burger, but of course a burger gives you more calories than the same amount of salad. You don't have to work out, but running a mile is better than taking the escalator. Just look what's right for you. Eat less or move more. The more you move the more you can eat.

    2. It's all about drinking! This was my biggest mistake. But a bottle of coke gives you as much calories as a small meal. So I switched to drink water and diet coke. If you drink no calories, you can eat more! And diet coke tastes better after a while, believe me. Also if you like juices, mix them 1:1 with sparkling water.

    3. This last one is maybe the best (?) Take breaks between your meals. I eat three times a times, nothing inbetween. Or to be more precisely: nothing that contains carbohydrates (sugar, flour, …) Nobody tells you, not even this video. Your body can't lose weight when your blood sugar is high. So take your breakfast and eat nothing for 4-5 hours. Then lunch, 4-5 hours break, then diner. The body needs this time to take care of the nutrition and start to go for its own reserves. If you're really hungry in these gaps, avoid carbohydrates. Even if you change nothing at all, eat the same amount, you will lose weight (or gain less…) if you eat it in longer intervals.

    And don't forget: You don't need to lose weight in weeks or months. It took you years to gain it, so be patient.

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  3. To someone who made this video:
    Quality of the texts is… lets say not good. It is hard to read them because of the different colours, sizes and backgrounds.
    At least for me…

  4. You want to know what's doable? Flexible dieting. IIFYM. Calories in vs calories out. Weight loss will always be a numbers game, so if you eat less than maintenance, you WILL lose fat. Don't fear carbs or fat; rather, fear missing out on life due to strict diets.

  5. Better tips: Cut out sugar and gluten (gluten can make you gain weight and a lot of people have allergies to it), replace with veggies and protein. No diet sodas, drink water instead. Most of the tips in this video will hurt you, not help you. Nutritionists are a better source to take health tips from.

  6. Another thing that is definitely helpful is eating more slowly. Your body produces a hormone called leptin that makes you feel full. But hormones take a while to build up so by eating slower, you give your hormones a change to catch up. I used to eat 3 bowls of cereal in the morning because I was starving. Now, I can feel full after one bowl. Yes, your friends may complain that you’re the last to finish eating but you won’t be worried about gaining weight from the extra food you ate by eating too quickly.

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