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What are identity politics?

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  1. Native American genocide
    Chattel slavery
    Japanese-American internment
    Chinese Excusion Act
    Women denied the right to vote and control over their own bodies
    All examples of "identity politics."
    News flash!
    American history is a history of "identity politics."
    It was just given other names. Names like Manifest Destiny, preordained by God and the norm.

  2. Jesus Christ! Has anybody looked into the Evergreen College incident????!!!! Did anybody bother to scratch the surface other than watch Brett Weinstein voicing his opinion on Fox News??!!!! Anybody???!!!!

  3. Why it is OK for the jews too feel proud of their heritage but not for white people? White people should look after themselves and the expense all other groups just like every other group does including the jews. Let's stop this lie that identity is bad. People will band togheter where they belong and there is no individualustic enlightened idea that can change human nature. For that reason it's better to have an ethnostate for every people and avoid mixing.

  4. It's sad really, how weak the family has become..I mean, come on, you allow politics to divide and conquer your own families…smarten up already…It is ok to disagree..

  5. It’s easy to say let’s treat people like people when you don’t belong to a group that was screwed over solely based on their identity. I’m a Mexican American living in California and I can show you how 2 to 3 million Mexicans were summarily deported and its estimated that 40-60% of those deported were CITIZENS. Accepting those facts how do you suggest we heal this community’s injuries without using the factor that brought the injury: our identity?? Should there be some accountability??

    Let's be real, this "anti-identity politics" nonsense only exists because whites also started to engage in RACIAL identity politics and ignorant fools are intimidated by it.

  7. These retarded pieces of dog shit students should all be expelled from that college permanently!!!!. They don't know what they want, they just want attention. Most are fucked up foul mouthed ignorant traitorous yeasty pieces of rotten cod fish. They have no idea about politics or racism and are fucking pathetic. Get a life you fucking disruptive out of touch losers!!!

  8. There's a political party called the alternative right more commonly known as the alt right. That's what he was referring to. The alt right does not share the same beliefs as Republicans/Conservatives in the right of the political Spectrum. Alternative means completely opposite so they are basically left. The alt right are Democrats. They are white nationalists and KKK members and as we all know who started the KKK the Democratic Party.

  9. As a non-white LGBT member I think identity politics are stupid and privilege checking is absolutely retarded. These identity groups lately are using their causes as an excuse to take a stab back at so-called privilege groups. Wanting separate but equal spaces, such as black only or women only or gay only are doing the same things you don't want done to you, and doesn't end the cycle of exclusion. If you're not okay with men only or white only or straight only PLEASE don't do it back to the majority groups, it's hypocritical to the cause of stopping exclusion. Please fucking use your brains people.

  10. Numbers don't lie. 13% of the population is black and commits 52% of the crime in the United States. Why shouldn't I just lump them together? I'm not gonna spend my life being screwed over one person at a time believing that everyone is unique. When I see that sort of disproportionate crime rate, I am going to stay away from that group of people. I'm not going to walk through the Gaza Strip as a white American… In the same way, I'm not going to walk through a black ghetto as a white American. It's suicidal. Asking me to be entirely inclusive is the same as asking me to reject my life and heritage. People of like minds stick together for a reason.

  11. It's kind of funny how people are actually taking offense with this video. If you feel personally attacked by this, them most likely you've formed your entire personality and being around politics.

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