What happens after Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing | Power & Politics

The U.S. Senate hearing into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford ended after a day of …


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What happens after Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing | Power & Politics

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  1. It's funny to read all the peanut gallery conclusions in the comments. If you want to clear his name, you have an investigation and you question Mark Judge, who has conveniently gone into hiding. Otherwise you don't really want to get to the bottom of the accusations. I understand. The Republicans want their pick to be nominated seemingly at all costs. It's like there is no other right-wing judge on the short list or something. Kavanaugh is a drinker. He is deceptive. He has an explosive temper, as seen in his testimony. He is not fit for the Supreme Court. Make another selection. Find a real choir boy this time, a judge who focused less on partying and "Beach Week."

  2. I know this may seem trivial but to me the most telling moment of this whole hearing was the moment Senator Grassley declared the hearing adjourned. At that very moment and almost before Senator Grassley could finish, Judge Kavanaugh immediately stood up, put his arm around his wife, and walked out.

  3. @ 9:13 ( planned and coordinated) huh? I guess It is always well to evaluate one's own biases, because what I saw from Graham was an impassioned defense for a man whose name had completely been sullied by loose allegations from Dr Ford and Ms Ramirez. Also, defense from an out and out salacious allegation by Avenatti . And I felt fellow senate republicans albeit maneuvered politically on the FBI question, offered a principled defense also on how such uncorroborated allegation could be allowed to spread like wildfire and so easily chewed upon by the larger collective at the expense of man's life long reputation.

  4. CBC does not represent news events involving politics or gender without displaying their bias, which is radical feminist, and radical Leftist. Their systematic distortion has made me stop watching them years ago. They no longer represent the Canadian people and its values — decency and honesty — and SHOULD BE DEFUNDED.

  5. America is finished. Praise Allah, an end to tyranny! More children raised by single mothers or grandmothers. Politicians selling their principles for reelection. Moral corruption. Thought the end would come from the Russians, North Koreans, Islamists, etc.? Wrong!!! You brought this on yourselves. Believe all allegations. OBEY.

  6. Thank you liberal loons. You have awoken the voters and a red tsunami is already headed to our shores. You can’t stop it now and you will suffer the consequences. This is the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever seen in American politics in my lifetime. Aside from the circumstances surrounding the assassination of JFK by his own team, again, democrats, this is the most shameful act by our political system that I can remember inflicted on an individual. Disgusting.

  7. I can stop watching the news for 2 weeks and go back and watch again!!! This is a never-ending Soap Opera and Trump is Love it !! Because face it That's all the news talk about!!!!! Trump
    I'm Sick of even hearing the name!! And I really can't stand looking at his face

  8. I Truly Believe Her !!! How Dare The Republican try to turn the Table!! Everyone Saw and Heard !! Graham tried his best with that Hail Mary !!!! BUT IT DIDN'T WORK!!

  9. Miss Kaiser, Fords long time friend, doesn’t know Judge Kavanaugh. Miss Kaisers Attorney “Simply Put, miss Kaiser doesn’t know Mr Kavanaugh, she has no recollection of ever being at a party where Dr Ford and Mr Kavanaugh were present”
    That is from a friend, where is the credibility of Mrs Ford, or is this a case of mistaken identity, and she has the wrong person. Time to put Miss Kaiser up as a witness for the FBI.

    Do you know what the Salem Witch Trials are? This is what a modern version looks like., on a Political Scale

  10. It's the CBC so can we expect impartiality? If anything happened at all, it was a teenage fumble. No one that Ford cited as being at the party can remember the party. Who do you believe? I know who sounds more credible to me!!!

  11. well since i watched whole thing instead of just the second half like the cbc i personally found the democrats in the first half way more partisan and speechifying then the republicans in the second. I don't know one way or the other if one or the other or neither Mr. Kavanaugh or Ms Ford are guilty in this case but I'm pretty certain that certain hi ranked democrats sold out Ms Ford by revealing what happened against her wishes. tbh I'm disappointed with both sides but good luck Mr. K and Ms F.

  12. Listen to his opening statement. The man has kept daily journal entries for 32 years. He wrote down things he did football practices, school exams parties we went to who was there ,who’s house it was ,who he rode with there.Nothing collaborates with any of those entries of 81 and 82 of that summer that she claims. The man has a perfect record. A letter was given of the testimony of 65 women from various points in his life and nothing put praise and expressions of equality and being treated with dignity,integrity and respect. Also i challenge any person not to be slightly combative if they were accused of something that would destroy their reputation and career especially if they’re innocent . GFY .

  13. Judge Kavanaugh…I think I speak for the majority of sane people in this world….you have been brow beat by Democratic Cronies and anyone paying attention can see that this has affected you and your family more than Ford could ever portray….Diane Frankenstein sold out the democratic midterms to ford for $700000 GoFundMe cash, plus Tv/Radio interview cash, as well as book deal and ridiculous road show just as Strormy Daniels has done under Avenattis advise…..Stay strong, the Democrats will be LEFT behind and more democratic books of "what happened" will surface..
    You will be confirmed, and after the midterms expect more crybaby riots… then the Russian democratic sillyness is next, and 2020 will be bad for them….you stood your ground and you will be vindicated as the truth always comes out….you are the biggest patriot that America has seen…Trump is the man, but YOU have been for the constitutional truth for decades, that is why President Trump will ALWAYS have your back, same as the rest of the world that has their head on straight!! Time will tell, but in my eyes Mr. SUPREME Judge Kavanaugh, YOU ARE A MAN OF THE WORLD, GOD BLESS YOU SIR AND THANK YOU FOR STANDING YOUR GROUND, YOU DESERVE THIS, AND HOPEFULLY ALL AMERICANS SEE THE SAME WAY!!!
    God Speed Judge Kavanaugh, you have proven yourself, as well as your family honour!!!!! Not many can put their reputation against the rest, and you and your family have my heart!!!!!!

  14. Most people don't realize how often men have to face that kind of occupations and even worse ones. I speak from my personal experience when a girl I have never seen in my life occused me of a sexual misconduct. By chance we could prove she was lying, but I was close to lose my professional license and possible jail time. I don't know why she did it. Maybe she was paid, maybe it was her fantasy, but it was obvious on cross-examination she was lying. The case was dismissed and she just walked away without any panishment. Accusers must take responsibility for their actions. At least they should pay all legal fees in cases their accusations cannot be proved.

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