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What You Say Vs. What I Hear (6 Coded Words for Black People)

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  1. So if I call a black person sassy or articulate, then it's automatically an insult or offensive? Even though I'm actually just complimenting them? Alright Buzzfeed. I gotcha.

  2. Honestly, I as a black woman don't understand why we get so upset about people asking touching our hair because people always are curious and they genuinely like our hair

  3. These weren’t even offensive. Y’all just tryna make white people look like they don’t know anything about black culture. Like come on. Stop acting like y’all always the victim. I know this is America and some things you have to stand up to, but being black in America means sometimes you’re just going to have to accept the fact that that’s what you’ll hear and you either have two options: A) complain about it and make a big deal or B) kindly tell how you feel offended how they can correct it and not do it again. It’s people like these who bring black people down. We need to show our worth by talking and not complaining

  4. Some people are hypersensitive about race.
    People talk and are not trying to be mean. It is ridiculous how some people try to hear what they want to hear and then turn it around on the speaker. White apologists are the worst.

  5. And the hair touching thing… I’m white and I’ve been asked by black people if they can feel my hair… it’s just because it’s different and humans by nature are curious. I can sit next to a black person and not want to touch their hair, but if I’m close with one, like I’m their friend, then yes, I might be curious as to what their hair feels like. And it’s not only black hair. It’s curly hair if yours is straight, and vice versa. It’s poofy hair, and styled hair. And black people want to touch white peoples hair as well, it’s not a solely white thing…

  6. Lol in no way shape or form do I or anyone I know hear any of those things and I come from a biracial family of whites Hispanics and blacks. This is very stupid and ignorant and should be flagged for being so at false.

  7. when someone says to me "you don't look jewish" they mean "I'm surprised that my sterotypes depicting jewish people as big nosed penny pinchers with curls and yamukahs is incorrect and youre really just a regular person like anyone else."

  8. So what is the message of this? That black people just assume everything that comes out of a white person’s mouth is racist? That all white people are liars? That people can’t compliment people’s hair?
    The entirety of this video is completely, utterly stupid.

  9. Okay but I’m white and I have people touch my hair without my permission. I find it uncomfortable but you don’t need to be black for someone to invade your space.

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