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Why is Comcast’s customer service so bad?

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  1. I'll tell you one of the main problems. Ignorance. People buy technology and dont know how to use it. There are a dozen companies in between you, and your service. Someone calls in because their phone isn't working on wifi. Lets just think about how many companies are involved here. First, the phone, samsung, then the software, Google's Android, if they're using firefox, thats mozilla, and lastly they're trying to get to facebook. So now we have facebook, Mozilla, Google, Samsung, and comcast that are all involved, with JUST GETTING TO FACEBOOK. something can be broken anywhere in that process, it could be facebook server down, it could be an issue with android, it could be an issue with the samsung phone, BUT everything is comcasts fault, because we are at the source of the connection. Customers dont understand that the break is beyond the comcast service. Yes sometimes the service is out, but its very rare. 90% of the time, customers lack basic skills in using their technology. We cant fix that.

  2. Ha! What Comcast customer service does, and I'm convinced they are trained to do it, is frustrate the customer as much as possible. In that way the customer will hang up out of frustration or start get mad and start yelling. So, then the customer service rep can hang up on them. Either way, the account wasn't cancelled….Mission Accomplished!

  3. Comcast is another money hungry American company that only focuses on the almighty $$$. Screw the customer, screw services, screw how well you take care of them. The company wants you to SELL.

  4. My 2 year contract is up today with Comcast. Tomorrow, Direct TV is installing new service and the next day I'm calling Comcast to cancel service. If they try and talk me out of this, they will be told, sorry! I had Direct TV installed yesterday so your service is disconnected. Bye, bye Comcast

  5. comcast could also sabotage your connection so you pay for a higher tier..too bad no one looks into that scam.. comcast in general is a dishonest company.their billing practices are comparable to a mafia backed juice loan…

  6. the real reason cx service sucks is because internal and external agents don't have the same training and or capabilities. so that great agent you talked to earlier who could do all of these amazing things was probably an internal agent with access to twice the programs I have. It's not that I'm incompetent, it's that Comcast didn't train me and wants me to do the same job for a fraction of the pay with a smaller fraction of the same tools

  7. This lady doesn't know anything. One appointment running over on time does not make you late all day. There are dispatchers that pull and assign jobs based on your ETA of the next job. Pulling back on contractors means that they have to hire and fire people every summer to ramp up production during the busy season. Field technicians have a productivity metric but it isn't that important or difficult to obtain a good standing on it. Also, an hour per visit? you're high if you think that's how it works. The time you are given to complete a job is based on the work you're doing. An install for 5 cable boxes, internet and phone can easily be 80 percent of your days productivity and dispatchers know not to assign work to you until the jobs complete.

  8. im a tech support agent, and the insentives are very very high when selling! its insane, i can almost double my paycheck with that and im only a tech support rep and it sucks that i have to sell cuz we gotta deal with agitated customers and well… its hard and frustrating

  9. I love how her suggestions to fix the problem were take away sales incentives and hire more techs. so translation= raise operating costs and reduce production. Don't get me wrong, I hate Comcast. Have em, Hate em, will drop them as soon as Fiber is available in my area. But you can tell she has no experience in business because her first thoughts would be to drive the company into the ground lol.

  10. it's simple. they have a monopoly in certain areas and can do whatever they want. where I live Comcast is the only option I have besides satellite. however that does me no good because I need Internet for my job. I've had t change my plan 5 times to get the package I originally ordered before I moved to my home. since there's no other options they do whatever they want. the Internet speed they advertise doesn't exist. I'm not even getting half of the speed advertised. since they are switching to x one or whatever it's called, everything I originally ordered is now part of that service plan. which I can't get because I'm locked into a contract. I'm really hoping Google fiber takes off everywhere.

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