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Would be political suicide for Trump to fire Mueller: Sen. Cassidy

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  1. I highly doubt his daughter got her Lego set directly from China. Unless she got it directly from the manufacturer, who won't sell it to her without a federal tax Id number because she'd be buying it wholesale. Those "sunsidies" are customs. Yes tax dollars are being used to mail shit from China. And also the rest of the world because customs isn't free. I'm a business owner so I can say that this story 30 seconds in is complete bullshit.

  2. White People! Why lie in your news forecast? This is why corruption is so fucking abundant in this collection of barbarian city states.
    For proof that I am legit. There are 3 types of White ppl! Rebecca, Maseeda, and Beki!

  3. If you reside in Louisiana, it would be good to call Bill Cassidy and tell him to have his fellow members of Congress support our President at a much higher level. We need more fervent support for our President, he is facing quite a bit of garbage right now. Instead of these members of Congress telling Donald Trump how he should do things, they should be backing him up. He has the support of tens and tens of millions of Americans, but if you look at these members of Congress it's as if sometimes Donald Trump has a thousand supporters. With this said, please call your members of Congress. We need a united Republican Congress behind our great and smart President. Thank you, and take some action.

  4. American tax payers are sick and tired of Mueller's "witch hunt", at tax payers expense, Americans want him gone!

  5. It's not just a matter of firing Meuller, it's a matter of SHUTTING DOWN the entire council! They found nothing after more than a year's investigation, it's about time that they pack their bags and STOP wasting taxpayers' money!! WHO is paying them? Take away their budget, the entire council will fall apart on its own!

  6. No need to fire Mueller. He and Many others are cutting their own throats in front of all Americans. Fox news and many others have reaptedly shown photos of gases children and they weren't even there. They and others MSM are propaganda for the left due to their greed and other nasty behaviors. They and others have lied because of their greed. Have tried to on-site wars with photos of gases children. Funded and supported full term abortion and threw their propaganda have help grow Antifa(use children to protest) greedy and nasty Hollywood pedophiles funded the children to March for our guns. Now think about who breaks the law. Who uses the children even our young soldiers. Obama Clinton Meuler and Gov. officials FBI who or greedy or pedophiles. They accuse our POTUS of what they are. Americans wake up. POTUS signed a Bill into to help those who had been exploited by a pedophiles ring funded on the iternet. And found and took this site down. Who have you seen lately useing photos of gases children to try and start a war. Who has been calling for war. Who has been the greedy nasty ones uses and killing our children. NOT our POTUS. NOT the conservative people.

  7. President Trump has some serious things coming up and he does not need this Mueller idiot to take up space in his mind. Nor does he need to have Rosenstein working behind the scenes with Sessions. What they did to Mr. Cohen is unacceptable on every level. Mueller is liar and a Nazi and should be fired.

  8. The senators need to explain why an illegal investigation that is investigating a person instead of a crime should be protected. There will be lists made of every Republican that votes to protect this illegal investigation of a duly elected president and those on the list can kiss their political futures goodbye.

  9. Just fire Muellers incompetent ass. Why are my tax dollars funding a multi million dollar witch hunt just so libtards can jerk each other off? FIRE Mueller now God Damn it! Any politician supporting this so called “investigation” should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely disgusting behavior. 🖕🏻

  10. It wouldn't be political suicide if the President fired Mueller. President Trump has every reason to fire the entire top brass at the DOJ and the FBI even Wray for obstruction of Congress. It's time for the President to talk directly to the American people about the crimes against him and explain the communist Stalinist tactics coming from the American leftists which has been going on for the last 2+ years.

  11. I said what is thing to do and don't quote the constitution to me I've read it.Three are three branches and the President has the right to fire this worthless tax spending demorat.

  12. The Congress has the power too impeach the President and what occurred here is an over reach by the bias at FBI and DOJ liberal leadership. This is bad policy and to allow this sham to proceed without any hard evidence of Russian Collusion by the President will allow & hamper the power of the executive branch if our Country is attacked abroad. We are far stronger than any other Country because of the freedoms that are band of brothers fought for too form this most imperfect union of States.

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